Let Me Tell You How You Can Homemade Dog Food Tips

Is homemade dog food better than commercial dry food

Is homemade dog food better than commercial dry food?

Preparing a homemade dog food for your dog can be very heartwarming and ideal for you. At last, you have veered away from those commercial kibbles that are mostly full of preservatives, chemicals and non-nutritious fillers!

But have you ever thought of the risks involved in feeding your canine buddy yourself? Here are a few things to ponder on and a few tips to consider if you are pushing through with making homemade dog food for your pet.

There’s a reason why commercial kibbles can be quite expensive. Aside from the machinery, the packaging and the brand, pet companies also need to pay for dieticians and pet nutrition experts who monitor and regulate the contents of the dog food.

They ensure that vitamins, minerals, protein and other good stuff are present in each bag of dog food. By feeding your dog with homemade dog food, you are owning up to this responsibility that these experts have studied years to perfect.

Make sure that you do thorough research on what your dog needs and remember that each dog’s nutritional needs are different depending on the size, age and breed.

Maintain cleanliness throughout the making process of homemade dog food. Wash utensils in warm water to prevent bacteria. Thoroughly wash ingredients in running water and if you are attempting a raw dog food diet, make sure to properly store ingredients like meat at the appropriate temperature to avoid being spoilt.

Ensure that you are not adding toxic food ingredients into your homemade dog food recipe and be careful in handling eggs and other poultry products that are easily contaminated.

And REMEMBER, not all human consumable food is suitable for your beloved dog.  For example,  you should not feed chocolate to your dog as it is harmful to them. Be careful to check before preparing your homemade dog food.

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