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Teeth sensitive

Teeth sensitive

Sensitivity does not come only with people (specially your wife. wife is a bit sensitive  ;). It also affects our teeth, specially when the enamel has been worn out. There are a lot of factors that cause teeth sensitivity happens, and one of which is the imbalance in biting, habitual chewing on hard objects and too vigorous brushing.

In most cases, only professional dentistry can cure this type of damage. But there are a lot of commercial rinses available to address the pain and sensitivity right? We use them though we know that they are loaded with alcohol and preservatives which only makes our teeth brittle.

I read an article regarding dealing with dealing with tooth sensitivity in the natural way. I realize that we can try considering the herbs like white oak bark, horsetail and fennel. These are powerful herbs in their liquid extracts that can reduce the pain of sensitive teeth.

Teeth sensitive with cold and hot

Teeth sensitive with cold and hot

These extracts can be directly applied to the affected tooth or may be diluted in a cup of water to be used as a rinse. These are old school cure that has been found to be very effective and safe ever since.Since the tooth has a problem with calcium, it could be of great help to regenerate he enamel by taking calcium supplement like calcium hydroxyapatite. It can be bought from health shops and with instructions on the label.

Always have a good practice with teeth hygiene and for intensive tooth damage, don’t forget to see your dentist.

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  1. Thanks for the post. I will definitely be keeping this in mind until I can find a dentist in Coquitlam to help me out. Thanks so much.

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