Secret ways to beat the sore in sore eyes

sore eyes

Sore eyes

Most of us have already experienced this painful condition. Sore eyes or conjunctivitis is a viral infection that normally heals by itself after a couple of painful and miserable days of acquiring it.

It’s terribly contagious and nobody would want to deal with it again. Would you? So, in order to be sore eyes free, always practice hand washing and avoid getting near people who has it.

And if unfortunately you acquire it, specially now that summer season is fast approaching, you may want to try these natural remedies.

Your eyes would feel extremely hot and sore. So, to help ease it, try putting ice pack on each eye for at least a minute. Or some slices of cucumber will do, as they can also cool the inflamed eyes.

I have a very interesting childhood memory of sore eyes experience. Did you know that breast milk is very effective in curing sore eyes? Until now, I honestly do not know why but maybe because of abundant vitamins and minerals of breast milk, that any inflammation (sore eyes for this matter) would easily cure!

Funny, but we would go at great lengths that time to find a breastfeeding mother just to ask for milk and wash our sore eyes. True enough, in a day or two, the redness would be gone!

Lastly, we must not forget to maintain our intake of Omega-3 rich and Vitamin A packed foods as they help boost in the healing process. Take frequent rest and avoid rubbing your eyes. And please, avoid spreading the disease hand washing and wearing your sunglasses.

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