See how simple way to stop belching


Belching is normal among people.

It’s  embarrassing, specially when you are not alone with yourself. It can’t be held for a long time because it will eventually come out.

Like gossip waiting to spread, belching is gas coming out from your stomach as a result of poor digestion. It’s synonymous with burping.

If it’s recurring then maybe its time to take it seriously. While most doctors will just advise to take antacids, alternative healers will advise you to take natural cures. Belching by the way is a result of poor digestion.

It simply means that the food in the stomach is not being digested properly and it starts to rot and produce gas.  If you want temporary relief, follow doctors’ orders, take antacids.

For permanent relief, read on and try to find out how you can help your digestive system perform what it’s supposed to do.

Ginger. Either you take it as a whole and chew like candy or take it in powder form as ginger tea. It has been known to stimulate digestion and it’s great for relieving belching. Take it after each meal. There are also a lot of capsule supplements of ginger available in health shops.

Cardamom is also effective in calming the stress of the stomach and stimulates production of digestive enzymes. You can prepare it also as a hot tea like ginger.

In belching, you have a lot of gas in your stomach, so in order to avoid more gas, avoid swallowing it. Unknowingly, when we try to stimulate burping  and say “God Bless”, we are actually adding more gas in our stomach.

Try to avoid it by having a conscious mind that whenever you feel bloated, avoid provoking and swallowing more gas since you will just start a cycle and a habit.

Try to eat only in moderation and practice the natural cures mentioned above. Belching is not always a sign that you are blessed with more food. You may be actually having some rotten food inside that needs to be digested.

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