Some natural ways to prove that impotence can be cured

electile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction among men can seriously affect relationships

In some readings that I made, I was surprised that a lot of men have problems with their manhood. It seems that the effect of stress has gone a long way down there that even the self esteem in terms of sexual performance has been tragically affected.And to save the relationship, some would immediately resort to the popular Viagra, with its potent ingredient sildenafil citrate. This drug works by stopping an enzyme called PDE5 that eventually destroys nitric oxide.

This nitric oxide is the chemical that’s allowing manhood to be engorged with blood during a much needed erection. Now if we could find a natural source of nitric oxide then problem solved, right?

Men could be free from the ill effects that accompanies the use of Viagra like, palpitation, drowsiness, abnormal vision and stomach upset. It will only be plain and pure sexual satisfaction without the harmful extras.

Apparently, there is a natural source for this. It’s called the enzyme arginine. Increasing intake of arginine from available natural supplements will surely solve erectile dysfunction.

Its recommended to take 3,000 mg a day and will take about 3 to 4 weeks for total effect. But it’s also advised to take it under medical supervision and avoid using this is you have genital disease like herpes.

Of course there are tantric ways to improve sexual dysfunction. And it’s not to be discussed here. Only you and your partner would know how to give pleasure to one another. From experience, I do believe that making love starts from the mind. And you can start from there.

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