They are not hard and not easy either

Today is Saturday, February 16, 2013 which is six days after attended the first class –  Professor Bill Belew teaches  Marketing with Social Media class in Silicon Valley

You know, for the past few days I have real hectic days. Seriously…

What a hectic life.

What a hectic life.

My wife asked what make me so busy days and nights. Woke up early every day and lock myself in my study room after coming back from regular day job.

I explained to her what I have done so far. She asked,”Do you feel regret after taking the class?  And I responsed to her, “That is something I have to do it. I have no choice. For now, I have to meet the deadline where writing 160 posts before end of March! I must consistent to do it in order to succeed. I know what I am doing. What I have done in the past but does not really works and hoping I am doing now will bring me something miracle in next future.”

I believe all other classmate may encounter similar situation with me. Busier than ever. As of now, my daily life has slightly change after attending the class because I have to write as many articles post as possible.

Doing some research on the topic I plan to write, drafting the contents, search for information that I plan to use on the articles. Frankly speaking, time is not really enough for me. I hope we have 48 hours a days instead of 24 hours a day.

I woke up at least 1-2 hours  before my regular wake up time everyday – before going to work. Sitting in front of computer with my pajamas, having my hot and fresh brewed instants coffee and start working on my website. Right before started dressing up myself and headed to office. Besides, I have to continue after coming back from regular day job.

To keep it short, I have to continue my other assignment which is going to due tomorrow night. As stated in last chapter of  Prof Belew’s written text book It’s not easy, It’s not hard. Just do it!

Stay tuned.

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