Tinnitus: You might have Vitamin B Deficiency

Tinnitus - Your personal alarm clock

Tinnitus – Your personal alarm clock

Conventional medicine has almost nothing to offer to patients with tinnitus. And did you know that some patients would even commit suicide just to quiet that hissing sound in their ear?

But alternative medicine can offer their patients some remedies that will do significant difference in alleviating the symptoms of that annoying hissing sound.

Did you know that a deficiency of Vitamins B can cause tinnitus?

Lack of supplementation may improve the symptoms. So, medical experts advise you to take high potency vitamin B-complex supplement that supplies 50 milligrams of most of the B Vitamins.

In addition to the multivitamin, it is often recommended to take higher levels of the three keys of vitamins B:  Thiamin, Niacin and B12. These vitamins work by stabilizing the nervous system specially the nerves of the inner ear.

What cause Tinnitus

What cause Tinnitus?

You can also nip tinnitus in the bud by taking the mineral zinc. Complete resolution is often possible if the tinnitus is recent. It’s recommended to take niacin treatment with zinc gluconate twice a day.

The herb gingko is also recognized for its value in reducing ringing in ear symptom. Aside from it being a powerful memory enhancer by improving circulation to the brain, it also helps reduce tinnitus symptoms by improving the circulation in the ear.

Look for gingko extract standardized to 24 percent gingko flavoglycosides and take 120 to 240 milligrams twice a day.

Banish the noisemakers. If you have tinnitus, stay away from coffee, salt, sugar and alcohol as there are some findings that people who gave up these foods finds their tinnitus fade away.

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