Top 11 Tips to Controlling Anger

Control your anger

Control your anger

I think everybody loves to laugh. But the alternate (anger) is seen anywhere too. But if anger goes out of control then it becomes very much detrimental to mental health and sometimes physical too. Let’s discuss about 11 tips to control your anger:

  • A very effective method is to countdown. 10, 9, 8, 7, 6 . . . count it. This helps to control anger 60-70%
  • Take deep breathe. When a lot of oxygen enters in brain, then thinking power increases.
  • Keep a distance from the source of your anger for sometimes.
  • If you cannot express your anger it can also be dangerous. So try to express it in other ways. You may shout or
    hurt your pillow and pass sometimes alone. It makes us feel free.
  • Sometimes when we are angry, we do or say such thing that those are actually not good for us, sometimes harmful for us or our career too. So, before you say, write it down first then think about it that you should say it or not.
  • Control yourself and try to think about the solution of the problem.
  • If it is possible forgive that person who lighted up the fire.
  • Another good method is – if you are standing, seat down and if you are sitting then lie down. It gives your brain some time to think.
  • Try to give yourself the logic that anger is bad for your health, but not for the person lighted the fire.
  • When you cannot control your anger, try to think of your favorite person.
  • Try to practice yoga.

    Controlling Anger

    Controlling Anger

Is there anything I have missed? If you have better tips, please share with my readers. To get more articles, visit to my website


  1. Anger is normal but when it is not controlled, it can make the situation worse and lead to more things to be angry about. We should really learn how to control our emotions and these tips you have imparted are very useful. Thank you for sharing.

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