What Can You Do If You Have Bleeding Wounds Due to Accidents

Manage bleeds First Aid

Manage bleeds First Aid

We all know people sometime get cut or scratch our skin. Sometimes accident does happen unexpectedly in our surrounding when we are working or exercising. When we get injury, usually wound will form.

A wound is any cut or break in the skin or in the flesh resulting from any kinds of injury. Immediate sign of a wound is bleeding from the cut. Athletes are often experiencing cuts or wounds due to their strenuous activities.

However, remedies will depend on the severity of the wound. Most serious injuries were immediately brought to the hospital or any medical clinics that are near to the accident area for first aid purposes.

But, there are injuries that are just simple and not having compound fractures and big wounds, they will be given immediate aid in the area.

First Aid to simple cuts:

  • Make sure to position the patient in a right position not to aggravate bleeding.
  • When dong first aid, be sure that your hands will be clean to avoid infection.Get a piece of clean cloth or cotton and apply pressure directly over the wound for 10-15 minutes. If the bleeding will not stop after 10-15 minutes of doing manual pressure, reinforce the cloth and cover it again by a clean thicker cloth with a bandage

You can use herbal medication for mild bleeding condition like young banana leaves. Young Banana leaves are proven effective to stop mild bleeding. Get young leaves if you can, clean it and pound it until the leaves will become soft and juicy. Squeeze the leaves and drop the juice over the wound. Apply pressure on the leaves pressing the wound and leave it there with a bandage in it.

Hope this little useful first aid tips could help you. For more useful tips and advice, please visit Natural Health Care Reviews


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