Here is a method that is helping moisturize your hair

Believe me, men are not only looking at women’s face, they also would want to touch their tresses. I know girls want to have gorgeous and long healthy hair no matter what the color and texture may be.

It’s so nice to touch a smooth and silky wave of locks attached to a pretty face of course. Sometimes girls also suffer the same dry, barren and lifeless hair but it would not be so obvious as we go to the barbers every two weeks. Split ends are not always an issue of  its own.

From my previous write ups, I have mentioned the ill effects of shampoo that causes the hair and scalp to get dry. Dandruff might be the end result of these chemical loaded shampoos and dry hair with splits ends will be sure to come along.

Before this happens, try to load up with moisture in your hair the natural way. If you are fond of eating moisture and protein rich fruits, try to save a little for your hair. One example would be avocado. This delicious fruit is packed with protein and moisturizers.

Using avocado can help moisture your hair.

Using avocado can help moisture your hair.

It can enhance the delivery of these essential nutrients to the shaft of the hair. Poor protein in hair makes it brittle and lack of moisture makes it dry. Here’s what you do, mince a small ripe avocado with a teaspoon of jojoba oil and wheat germ oil.

Massage it on your scalp with small circular motion making sure to include mid shaft up to ends to help absorb the moisture and protein. Cover with towel for 30 minutes then rinse of with an organic mild shampoo. Comb your hair gently. Repeat this procedure twice a week.

A friend also uses the power of gelatin mixed with apple cider and 2 drops of jasmine oil. Do the same procedure as with the avocado mixture above. But let it stand on your covered hair up to 5 to 10 minutes. Rinse off and comb hair gently.

For optimum moisturizing, load yourself up with lots of fluid and avoid too much sunlight. Exercise well for good circulation and as much as possible, avoid too much blow drying and perming. It could really damage your fragile hair. Try to avoid parched locks and splitting ends.

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