How to cure nasty bites and strings

I am sure you can find these ingredient like vinegar, onion, tomatoes and baking soda in your kitchen, right? No, you will not be cooking, you will make some natural effective remedy for that painful sting. How? First, be sure to remove the stinger and be very careful not to agitate the inflamed area. Keep it cool by gently rubbing a sliced onion or a tomato.



It should remove the itch. If you have some baking soda, make a paste by adding water and put it on the affected area to remove the pain. The vinegar is equally effective in removing soreness and inflammation. Soak a cotton and leave it on the affected area overnight. It should ease the inflammation.

Remember, there are bites and stings that cause allergic reactions. Be sure to know the classic signs like difficulty breathing, scratchy throat, watery eyes and call emergency once you see the symptoms. A sting could cause you your life.

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