How to relief for allergies natural remedies

Sneezing is a common sign of allergies

Sneezing is a common sign of allergies

An itch, a runny nose, headache, red eyes, scratchy throat, these are the nasty combination of the classic symptoms of an allergy attack. You see, our immune system may be triggered by allergens like pollens, dust, cat dander and what have you.

Depends on what kind of allergens will your immune systems decides to be its enemy huh! Anyway, this allergens is then inhaled into your body and then an antibody is created. The antibody then detects the enemy, the allergens,and signals the immune system to destroy it.

Now, our cells must release histamine to neutralize the allergens. That’s where the classic symptoms manifest. Then we go to the drugstore and take anti histamine drugs. Problem solved? Yeah, that’s what we think. The danger poses in because the antihistamine treats the classic symptoms and not the cause of that symptoms!

Specific sensitivity to allergens is concealed when we take something that blocks the histamine. Worst, there are over the counter antihistamines that could even cause arrhythmias and worst, rebound allergic attacks.

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