What you should know about preventing hangover

Hottest movie of the year.. Talks about three men and their  drunken misadventure.Photo source from Imdb.com

Hottest movie of the year. Talks about three men and their drunken misadventure.Photo source from Imdb.com

Whew! I’m no stranger to this one. When I had too much to drink with old time buddies, I am usually careful of not mixing my drinks because my head will explode with pain the next day.

However, in some series of occasions when I had too much to drink, a product called bifidus usually comes handy. It’s in a powder form that is mixed in a glass of water until dissolved.

That is when I can still remember giving myself a glass of such after a night of hard drinking. But I have tried it and it has surely made my day. No mix of headache, nausea, dry mouth and dizziness the next day.

One of the natural properties of this bifidus is detoxifies  acetaldehyde, which is the digestive by product of alcohol. This will dramatically reduce the ill effects of alcohol by almost a 100%.

Another technique would be to drink a cocktail of lime and sugar. It has been said that this combo helps “cut through the muck”.

The sugar will help stabilize blood sugar which is typically low after heavy drinking and the lime juice can help to refresh and activate liver.

You see, the liver is the organ that has undergone to much stress after about of alcohol intake. Upon getting up in the morning, add about two teaspoons of fresh lime juice, and a quarter teaspoon of sugar. Put them in a glass of water and stir until the sugar dissolved. Drink it slowly.

Lastly, while it’s good to have socialize drinking, be responsible and try to avoid too much of the alcohol stuff. No amount of hangover prevention can prevent the ill effects that alcohol will cause to the liver.

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