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What we do not know about drug free ways to ease depression

Dr. Oz

Dr. Oz

Even Dr. Oz acknowledges the use of natural remedies to combat that low down feeling called depression. For most people suffering from the condition, it’s not a simple feeling of unhappiness for a short period of time. It is a continuous feeling of sadness everyday for a period of at least a month and most of the time, longer.

Though it may sound unusual, most mental problems may also be solved with natural remedies. Most people, even the famous Dr Oz would recommend natural remedies instead of anti depressant drugs. Some experts would recommend a change in lifestyle.

In particular the food intakes and levels of exercise or developing a hobby that you love. But for most under the severely depressed, it is recommended that they see a  doctor to properly treat them.

Did you know that eating large amount of omega 3 rich fish have one tenth the rate of depression as people who don’t? The reason is probably the two forms of complicated sounding acids, eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA).

These are actually fatty acids or technically the omega 3 fatty acids that are present in fish. It is recommended that Omega 3 be taken at least 10 grams a day of DHA and EPA (30 fish oil capsules) daily, to be taken in divided doses.

Another natural way to beat depression is the herb called St Johns Wort. It is actually gaining a lot of popularity. This potent herb acts like the famous anti depressant Prozac. It must be taken in 3 doses, usually in tablet or capsules. Don’t expect instant results though.

It can take weeks before it reaches its full anti depressant potential but after taking it within a week, it has been observed that people suffering from depression has improved sleeping patterns, followed by improvements in appetite, energy levels and physical well-being.

How about the ancient Chinese remedy, the magnet therapy. When looking for alternative ways to beat the lowdown, people came across the practice of using magnets to reverse depression.   It has been said that when you put one magnet on a specific part of your hand and toes, it helps calm the mind and settle the spirit.

There a number of ways to reverse that feeling of unhappiness. Its most important though that you feel grateful of your life and always look on the positive side.

Dr. Oz also recommends to use African Mango extract for weight loss. You can read more at my blog.

5 Reasons Don’t Buy Beauty Facial Lotion

Beauty Lotion

Beauty Lotion

Most people are get attracted with commercial beauty & facial lotions that are being advertised online. Various beauty products are out in the market nowadays, however the danger to sensitivity is very high. Here are the five reasons why?

People has different texture. Testings should be done before applying it to your skin. People who are in their youth age are prone to hypersensitivity to skin products.

  1. People has different texture. Testings should be done before applying it to your skin. People who are in their youth age are prone to hypersensitivity to skin products.
  2. There are people who developed allergies easily than other people. They are hypersensitive to some drugs and other skin products, as well.
  3. Most commercial beauty & facial products are high in concentration and should be done through series of tests.
  4. Consult your dermatologist before applying to your skin to prevent irritation.
  5. Natural beauty & skin products are best and advisable because they are organic and hypoallergenic. People with histories on allergies must be careful I their choices.

Organic beauty products are sellable and are out in the market. You can search online for more queries and details of the products. There are skin clinics for organic products and are not detrimental to your health.

Some people has thin skin linings so that they can’t stand on commercial skin products.

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Here is quick way to solve problems on your eyesight

gaming glasses

Wearing a gaming glasses when working in front of monitor can relief eye fatigue

This issue has made me interesting because problems on eyesight are massive due to exposure to computers and even abuse and incorrect usage of your eyes. Problems on your eyesight even occurred in the children, youth and more specifically in the adulthood period.

Quick ways to solve problems on your eyesight:

  • Do not over use your eyes in every thing that you are doing. One common reason of tired eyes is computer usage. You must have enough rest every 15 minutes ad making your eyes feel even better. Sleepless nights will cause eyesight problem. If you are working in front of computer screen, I suggest you to wear a gaming  glasses  to reduce your fatigue eye problem. I have been wearing it as soon as I work in front of monitor. I wear Gamers Edge Aviator.
  • Eye massage is essential to promote blood circulation in the eye.
  • Never apply harmful lotions or alcohol in the eye area to prevent eye irritations.
  • Alcoholism can cause blurredness to your eyes. Avoid too much intake of alcohol.
  • Take Vitamin A & B6 for your eye supplement.
  • There are drops that can aggravate eye problem. You can get in touch with your eye specialist.
  • Drink plenty of water and eat plenty of fruits and vegetables.
  • Less salt intake is advisable.
  • Proper eye care is needed by using soft cloth in cleaning your eye.
  • Avoid smoking which aggravate teary eye.

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Little known way to remove bad breath

A malodorous mouth can NEVER be completely cleaned by brushing and flossing alone. Even if you use the most expensive mouthwash and toothpaste available in the market, BAD BREATH (halitosis) can’t be completely eradicated by these common methods alone.

bad body odor

If you have bad breath, try to use tongue scraper if helps

Sometimes the flavored and sugary mints can only temporarily mask the stingy problem. What’s more, the alcohol in most mouthwashes can only do more harm than good to your body.

I personally prefer to use the most complicated and state of the art gadget for my everyday oral hygiene. It’s called tongue scraper. Heard of it? It’s so simple a device made of plastic or lightweight material that will serve as a manual cleaner of the major organ than houses most of the oral bacteria.

After doing your usual brushing, scrape the top and sides of the tongue, avoiding the underside. Try to remove the white, gooey substance that sticks to the tongue. Most likely, these are the odor causing bacteria that causes the stingy smell out of your mouth.

Some doctors will also recommend digestive enzymes as poor digestion can also cause the severe bad breath since poorly digested food can spoil inside your intestine.

There are also some herbs like ginger, coriander and fennel. These herbs are mostly available in gelatin form. Take one capsule every after meal with a little water. Never mind if you smell of ginger and herbs, as most people would rather smell organic stuff than industrial toxic waste like odor.

You can find out more about halitosis here


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