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What is saw palmetto all about?

Baldness is common among men

Baldness is common among men

Have you heard about saw palmetto? It’s a widely known secret that it can cure specifically male baldness. Some research say that male baldness is caused by the hormone called dihydrotestosterone (DHT), a by product of the male hormone testosterone, which actually kills and shrinks hair follicles.

Saw palmetto, stops DHT from binding to receptor sites at the hair follicles. There are a lot of herbal products with saw palmetto. Make sure you take the purified and concentrated one.

Some fatty acids found in flaxseed oil, sunflower and black currant oil can also be taken orally. This time, we try to save and maintain the texture of whatever is left with our hair.

These essential oils can help thicken the strands and avoid hair falls. my father personally use coconut oil for this purpose. Twice or three times a week, he applies pure coconut milk on his head and massage it gently.

Wrapping a warm towel over your head for at least 30 minutes before washing off with mild shampoo to remove some residue. Guaranteed shiny and thicker hair. And lastly, try to avoid too much stress.

No amount of remedy will save our strands if we allow too much stress to dwell in us.

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Do you know the advantages on Natural Health Care?

High fiber vegatables is good for your health

High fiber vegetables is good for your health

Have you ever think about  natural health care products can help you and affect our life?  The choice of having a good health will depend on the wellness of the mind of a person.

The use of the natural health care products such as organic products are widely distributed and bring change in health. It affects the environment for a better place to live and enjoy.

Organic products are proven and tested to be environmentally friendly, non toxic, and in most cases, they are less expensive that the health care products that are produced through artificial or chemical products.

Our main goal is for having a healthy and a well functioning body. Having a right attitude towards life through a healthy attitudes towards food and a healthy choice of health care products.

Organic products are highly suggested for wellness programs and are more affordable with various products available in the commercial market. We focus and give emphasis on health awareness and consciousness.

There are also different services offered in maintaining a well balance environment. Your environment will depend on your health status. Just check on the featured products for accessibility and availability.  Health  and food supplements, cosmetic and body care products for your easy choices.

How exercise affects the health of the body

Centuries had passed the effectiveness of body stretching that will change the course of your life.

You know, many people especially men who neglect the importance of healthy exercise for a balanced lifestyle. I understand people has busy daily life. They always give a reason for not exercising. Proper exercise will start in your mind. A healthy mind will focus in his goal and is determined to finish what he has started.

exercise in gym facility

Proper exercise everyday to help you keep fit

Doing an exercise is not an effortless activity but doing a serious workout. The best time for an activity is early in the morning before doing other things. Make it a lifestyle and do it regularly. Learn on the basic steps and let you exercise being progressive daily. Not only that, exercise will help you to keep your weight loss. There is physical fitness that will depend on the person’s built and age.

First is the mind setting activity. This is a process in which the person will be learning lessons of the mind or reconditioning the mind first. Care giving is very important in starting a healthy body. Dieting can be dangerous without proper exercise.

There are men who fail to follow the right exercises for them that deformed their body contours and fails to achieve their goal in having a perfect body shape. You can enroll yourself to a gym for proper training.

In next writing, I will write about advantages on Natural Health Care

What everybody should know about warts


Warts can be contagious and need to cure immediately

Warts can be contagious and need to cure immediately

These unsightly overgrowths of flesh specially along our necklines never seems to completely go away! Actually, there are a lot of warts that could grow in any parts of our body and no kind would serve us some good. They have to be removed.

What I am specially concerned here are those that can be found easily, like along our face and necks.

Imagine growing a virus on your face? Sadly, the best treatment would be surgery. Usually, the dermatologists will remove them by cauterization or by means of burning them.

If we go natural again here, some head of garlic that will be rubbed against the wart could be effective but it will take time. Another is the famous gentian violet that can be purchased as an over the counter drug.

This solution will be applied also on the wart. It contains the herb gentian that could potentially kill viruses. Always consult a physician though because there are warts that are potentially dangerous when removed by any means others than surgery since most of them bleeds easily.

Always be on the lookout of these ugly growths of viruses that makes your skin its own backyard source of nutrients. When you look on the mirror and your warty face stares back, its time to see a doctor.

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