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How to deal with Oily Skin

Are you one of the many unfortunate people who are gifted with an oil depot on your face? Do you feel like leaking from inside out of your facial skin specially on hot weather seasons? Don’t fret because the only natural solution for that is, guess what?-OIL. Yes, you heard me right, to fight oily skin, use oil. Sounds ironic but true.

Oily skin affects our sense of well being. Most of the men population are particularly conscious of this condition. I must say that men are only as good as the last drop of oil on their face. Really, who would want to stay close to an oil leaking male? You know, skin care is also important among mens.

Do you know about flaxseed?

Do you know about flaxseed?

While looking gorgeous from the outside, most of us must think about what’s best for the inside and that is to include oil in our diet, the kind that contains more fatty acids.One of these is the use of flaxseed oil. This is an herbal supplement that must be taken 1 to 3 teaspoons daily. This supplement is rich in fatty acids which breaks down the saturated fats that we get from or red meats and dairy products.

How about lecithin? This is quite potent in terms of emulsifying the fats which clogs up your pores. Don’t want intakes? Then I would suggest the ever famous face steaming.

Boil a pot of water enough to produce steam. Put in a container with opening enough for your face to fit. Wash your face first and continue with the steam, after a few seconds, wash our face with cold water. Steam opens the pores and releases the dirt while the cold water seals the pores off.

There a number of ways to eliminate oily skin but whatever you do, its always best to consult the dermatologist about the oil leaking from your face. Might be a bad case of oil hike!

Get started to blog. Go! Go! Go!

To apply what I have learnt in the Marketing with Social Media class, I starts to organize my strategy and technique that I have learnt from Prof. Belew.  He requested us to post at least 3 post on our website ideally every day and we should done it continuously for 3-4 months before we can see some results that we are seeking of.

He said that we should started posting our website in between 200-250 words length. This is the best length of the articles for search engine optimization. Too long may not really help.

Blogging is the king

Blogging is the king

Perhaps this is the most writing that I have ever done in my life after I finish this class with Prof. Belew.

I believe it can be quite chanllenging task than need to be done it constantly becauese I needs some strong determination and commitment. If I cannot keep the momentum, I will fail in this class. Period.

And if before I start blogging, I should ask Prof. Belew these question before I start  started business blogging

I asked some of my classmate about their opinion, they agree with me.

In the next few days, I will start to write some short articles on the the health related topic. The topic will be varies. I hope I can write as much as possible. I welcome anyone to give me feedback.


Learning Marketing with Social Marketing Class in San Jose

Learning Marketing with Social Media in San Jose

Learning Marketing with King of Social Media

After created my this myhealthcarereviews.com site awhile ago, due to busy life, I haven’t been continuosly updated the site for some quite some. After some months of doing this, I realize that my traffic to the website is very low and sometimes I realized that there were no traffic at all.I am trying to figure out how to really improve my website’s traffic. I understand no traffic means no business.Due to to great opportunity, I am able to attend Prof. Bill Belew’s Marketing with Social Media Marketing class billbelew.com . In this class, Professor has demonstrate the ability to create well traffic website by writing blogs. He emphasized that King of Social Media is by blogging.

He taught me how to effectively writing blogs by applying 10 essential SEO basic technique.These are the 10 SEO Basic strategy.

  1. Tagline in the website with no adverbs, conjunction,  adjective,
  2. Title that being used in posts with less than 60 characters
  3. Keywords density in about 2-3 percents of the blog length
  4. Must be in original and unique posts
  5. Apply images or photos in the blog
  6. Authority
  7. Internal Links in within pages
  8. External Links from outside ie. Facebook, Twitter
  9. Timely
  10. Timeless

According to Professor, in order to succeed in the generating traffic to my website, a fews thing that we need to self-adjust before I start writing about a topic. Write something that I am passion on or something that I will no feel bore down the road. Just keep doing by what I have been doing and do not stop for the first couple months.

I hope by after a fews months learning from him,  I will have some consistant traffic coming to my website. Also , If you want to learn how to promote your blog, you can visit Prof. Belew site.



Root Cause of Baldness

Root Cause of Baldness And Importance of Natural Products

It is very sad to realize that people with baldness or hair loss have no idea of its cause. In fact some think that it is natural and unchangeable while others think it’s a curse.

The reality of the matter is that baldness has a root cause and it can be dealt with using natural products. I encourage you to read this page and you will never regret. Baldness is a partial or complete lack of hair. The root cause of baldness is predetermined genetic factors, family history and the general aging process

For baldness to occur the following factors must be present;

  • Presence of androgens
  • Genetic predisposition to baldness
  • Time for Dehydrotestosterone[DHT] to degrade the hair follicles.

Certain hormonesinteract overtime with the hair follicles that are vulnerable to their effects.

DHT is the main culprit of baldness. It’s a male hormone that causes most of male pattern baldness.an enzyme called 5-alpha reductase converts testosterone into DHT. The DHT binds with the receptor sites of the vulnerable follicles and cause them to weaken. In most cases it occurs to people on the top of their head. The hair starts to recede from the lateral sides of forehead and a thinning crown. When the recession of the hair and the thinning crown become pronounced, they meet and form a horse shaped ring of hair around the back of the head.

After understanding the cause of baldness it is important to know how to keep hair loss at bay by using natural treatments. Try out this….

  • Use of coconut oil. Boil dry pieces of amla with coconut oil .Use the fingertips and massage gently on the scalp using the oil. The massage increases blood flow to hair follicles and this eliminates hair loss.
  • Olive oil. It is true that olive oil contains vitamin E which helps to maintain skins natural moisture and it refreshes the scalp for effective hair growth.People with hairloss can warm olive oil and massage their scalp.
  • Use of castor oil. It is a natural product got after crushing castor seeds which are naturally available. Once applied it can reduce hair loss.
  • Taking diets enriched with nutritional factors. This is to mean that ones diet must be accompanied by fruits and vegetables. They contain appropriate vitamins which facilitate hair growth and strengthen the hair such that it is not easy for the hair to get lost during such activities as combing and plaiting for females.
  • It is also important to note that some chemicals might damage the hair. Therefore one should avoid them as much as possible. I suggest that before using any product one should get to know its ingredients and this will help in maintaining a healthy and admirable hair.

The goodnews is that natural products will not cause side effects. The other importance is that most of them have stimulants in them which increase the rate of hair growth and increase hair strength.

Most of natural products smell good and they do work positively. They are also found at the local food store.

It is important to note that you may have success with one of the products and not have success with another. However, these products do not work for every one.

Take your time and try out this and it is a promise it will work for you.

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