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Hemorrhoid Treatment in Natural Way

There is no need to fear anymore if you have hemorrhoids. This is because there are a number of remedies out there that can be cheaply and easily accessed. Do you know why? These are natural hemorrhoid treatment remedies and therefore do not need you to spend a lot getting them and some can be obtained in your neighborhood freely. Don’t get surprised if you realize that you already have the solution right at your door step.

But what are hemorrhoids anyway? This is a condition whereby the veins around the rectum swell or even burst due to increased pressure. When this occurs, one can experience itching and even bleeding if it is external or bowel movements, and internal bleeding that is painless if it is internal.

This condition can be caused by constipation and strained bowel movements. Liver diseases and any other problem that can lead to increased blood pressure can be another cause. Also, due to enlarged uterus caused by pressure during pregnancy, pregnant women are likely to experience this.

high fiber vegatablesNow that you are up to date on hemorrhoids, let us find out how you can treat the condition naturally. And why go the natural way? Well, natural products are very safe, cheap and easily obtained since some of them are even the foods we eat. You will also realize that some of these products are used to treat many other problems and by using them, you might be solving another problem that you were not even aware of.

The only challenge when using natural remedies is that they are not tested. But the good thing is that people have been using them for a long time and so, no risk in using them.

Our first recommendation is that you ensure you have a diet that is rich in fiber. This is because reduces levels of constipation, eases bowel movements and helps add bulk to stool thus you won’t have struggle passing feces. Taking fruits and vegetables will be a good source of fiber.

Having a warm sitz bath for about twenty minutes a day can be another solution. This will reduce rate of hemorrhoid inflammation. Do not forget to completely dry the anal area after the bath to avoid any skin irritation around the anus.

Exercise helps reduce constipation cases, improves the rate of heart bit and breathing. We won’t be wrong to bet that this is essential during hemorrhoid treatment. It is because it solves a number of problems that can lead to hemorrhoid such as blood pressure and constipation.

In case of an external hemorrhoid such as swelling and itching, ensuring that the area is cleaned properly. Use anti-bacterial soap and if you can get access to an aloe vera plant, rubbing its gel around the area will help a lot.

Do not forget to have enough rest and drinking a lot of water as they are also important in hemorrhoid treatment. And there is one procedure that people do not realize that the squatting during defecation will help to relief pain of hemorhoids. Not only squatting defecation helps to avoid painful hemorrhoids, reduces our time required to do our business, it is also an activity that can help reduce the risk of colon cancer, according to cited medical studies.


Easy ways to Get Rid of Hemorrhoids Naturally

People with hemorrhoids suffer silently. And who would want to openly complain about the pain due to inflamed veins on the rectum? A trip to the doctor for some rectal examination is not as easy as having your eyes and ears checked. There are number of causes for the veins around the rectum to bulge. One cause is the pressure when trying to move a constipated bowel. Some pregnant women also experience these painful rectal varicose due to the pressure caused by the enlarged uterus.



Hemorrhoids come in two types. Internal hemorrhoids are often painless. They are located inside the rectum and you only feel them when you see blood once you strain your bowel. The painful type is the external hemorrhoids which exacerbates during constipation and when sitting.

Surgery is one of the best options to get rid of these hemorrhoids forever. Is it necessary? Well, it depends on the size of the inflamed veins and the degree of discomfort it causes. If the pain is bearable and the inflammation is minimal, it is wise to determine the probable cause of the inflammation and deal with it the natural way.

Try to avoid constipation by adding fibers to your diet. Identify foods like vegetables, grains and wheat that increase the bulk and soften the stool to avoid straining while releasing the bowel. Adding fibers to ones intake has been consistently beneficial in preventing the painful episodes of the existing hemorrhoids.

Take fiber supplement that has been identified to reduce constipation. You can find these fiber supplements from health shops and drug stores. When the inflammation is in its acute stage, try to reduce the inflammation by washing with lukewarm water with a pinch of salt.

Washing the rectal area with cold water can be done in alternate with the lukewarm wash, to relieve the pain. After cleaning the inflamed rectum, apply some creams that could reduce inflammation. There are some topical creams made of natural witch hazel plant known to reduce itching, swelling and pain. They are sold in the form of creams and ointments.

Another natural remedy that is known to improve the patency of the weak veins is called butchers broom. It also contains anti inflammatory properties that makes it one of the best natural remedy for hemorrhoids. Horse chestnuts are also used for their anti inflammatory effects and improve blood circulation. Like the Butchers broom, Horse chestnuts as hemorrhoids remedy can be taken in capsule forms or prepared as tea.

Aloe Vera gel has also been known to provide significant improvement in the relief of hemorrhoids. To be taken three times a day as a drink, aloe vera gel has solved the pain problems caused by hemorrhoids. In as little as two weeks, considering all else is normal, one could forget about the pain on the “bottom” especially when sitting down.

Before taking any of these natural remedies, make sure to research on the contraindications. They must be taken with caution specially if with other drugs. These herbs are very potent and could be harmful if not taken properly.

Fight with Toenail Fungus

Beat toenail fungus with simple natural remedies

Toenail fungal infection is rather common. It spreads quickly from one toenail to another specially when not treated. It is characterized by a painless discoloration of the nails that extends up to the nail bed and in some worst cases, beneath the nail, at times consuming up all the keratin of each toenail. Sometimes it has a foul smell with yellowish dirt that can be removed form underneath the affected toenail.

toenail fungusThis unfortunate infection called onychomycosis can be acquired by contamination from wet slippers and shoes, unhygienic public gyms and showers. The causative agents, dermatophytes, thrive mostly from warm and moist places like the ones mentioned. Without immediate treatment, this can be potentially serious as it can affect all of your toenails.  Well, for those who don’t care how their feet and nails would look like, this might not be a concern to them. But for most population, this infection is a major dilemma.

Natural remedies are available for practically ALL of the known diseases of mankind. Be it potentially serious as Diabetes Mellitus or as simple as fungal infections. Nature has its own way of providing remedy to the ailments of mankind. With the increasing popularity of natural medicines, it deserves a serious discussion and must be well worth the research and usage.

For toenail fungal infection, there are a lot of home remedies that can be blended. One of which is the simple vinegar with water mixture to be used as foot soak. Before taking a bath in the evening, soak your affected foot (feet) with 1 part apple cider vinegar with some parts water for 15 to 20 minutes. Dry your foot thoroughly and remove some skins and nail debris while putting some antiseptics or alcohol.

Make sure to dry up your feet before putting on some lotions and put on dry and clean socks. Some people do not like this type of treatment as this will dry their skin. Instead, soak a cotton ball on this mixture and place the wet cotton ball on each affected toes.

Another natural remedy is the use of tea tree oil. It can be dabbed using cotton, on the affected toenail. This will be done after cleansing and drying up. The use of bleach is also effective and is readily available. Hydrogen peroxide, a synthetic treatment but available in the house, is also gaining popularity with its positive feedback on nail fungal infection. Vicks VapoRub also works wonders on drying up and healing the infection.

Treatment for toenail fungal infection requires discipline and patience. You must be consistent in the treatment plan and must maintain foot hygiene. If it is a serious infection, with too much discoloration and fluids, discontinue the use of natural or herbal medicines. It is always a good practice to consult your doctor first before trying on any treatment, be it natural or medical.


African Mango Extract

african mango extractDoes African mango extract really works?

The African mango extract also called as Irvingia Gabonensis have been featured in Oprah by Dr. Oz. Though he does not endorse products, it seems that Dr. Oz is very much convinced on the ability of this fruit to increase metabolism and reduce fat. This fruit has proven itself to be very effective in doing just that.

People are getting skeptical on the various claims that market has to offer in solving the world’s weight problem. There are a lot of supplements that claims to do so. Some are effective and yet some have yet to prove themselves. But then again, with years of research we may well be discovering something that is actually the real deal. Like this latest craze on the humble fruit from Cameroon, Africa that have gained worldwide popularity due to its potent effect on weight reduction.

Known to the natives as “Dikka Nuts”, this fruit has been a part of their local fruit variety and have been used for its medicinal capabilities. Its seeds are used as an ingredient for their soup and other foods for hundreds of years. Currently, the weight loss effect of the African mango extract has gone very far from its roots in Africa. And more than a local fruit, the extracts are now converted into weight loss supplements sold in bottles for those who seek for its aid in reducing weight problem.

Studies from the University of Yaounde, Cameroon showed that the subjects who have taken Irvingia Gabonensis extract have shown a significant weight loss effect. This study is now being continued to further utilize the potentials of this fruit for those who have medical problems with high cholesterol and high sugar.

But why African mango extract?

What makes this fruit special in weight management and control is the very high content of Leptin. This is a hormone that regulates hunger signals in the brain. In effect, this hormone controls the hunger pangs and helps reduce the appetites especially for obese people who have difficulty controlling the food cravings. Interestingly, the obese population has excessive Leptin hormones that their bodies have developed resistance already in blocking the hunger signals.

weight reductionWith the aid of this natural supplement, the amount of Leptin can be regulated so the brains can now properly control hunger pangs. The body can burn the excess fats lurked somewhere in the fat midsections, bulging thighs and flabby arms where we need the most help. Toxins on the other hand, can be eliminated from the body and therefore more nutrients are absorbed and energy is burned fast.

While this latest craze has gained the limelight, weight loss enthusiasts must also be wary in choosing what’s right for them. It is important to see a physician first before using any supplements, even if it’s natural. Some pre existing illness might exacerbate with the improper use of weight reduction supplements like this. DO NOT replace exercise and diet with any weight loss supplements.

This two interventions must be the main stays in your over all weight management program. African Mango extract can be used only as your effective supplement. One of the similar product is African Mango Plus. You may read more testimonials from Amazon and decide for yourself. By now, half of the world must be enjoying its benefits already.

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