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How To Cleanse Your Liver: 5 Simple Natural Liver Detoxification

Have you cleansed your liver today?

Have you cleansed your liver today?

With the many chemicals in processed foods, supplements and medications that people take in nowadays, it is not surprising that our livers go on overload.

The healthy and fully functional liver can now no longer efficiently process toxins and fats. Worry not though, for there are all natural liver detoxifiers that you can take to help to cleanse your liver  up and restore your liver back to health.

I am here to list out some natural ingredients that can help you how to cleanse your liver naturally

  • Green Tea

Green tea has antioxidants and a substance called catechins that can help in various liver functions. You can drink one to two fresh cups of green tea a day to help in liver detoxification.

  • Garlic

Garlic has selenium and allicin which can help in liver detoxification. You can eat garlic cloves raw or have them mixed in various food dishes.

  • Milk Thistle Tea

    Green tea is good liver detoxifacation

    Green tea is good for liver detoxification

Make a fresh cup by letting seep one tablespoon of milk thistle seeds in three cups of hot water for around 20 minutes. You can consume up to 3 cups of milk thistle tea in a day to help detoxify your liver.

  • Turmeric Tea

Combine 1 teaspoon of turmeric powder to 1 cup of hot water and take it before bed time and before meals. You can also add in honey or sugar to improve the taste. Limit your turmeric tea consumption to up to three cups in a day.

  • Grapefruit

Make fresh grapefruit juice by squeezing out extract from grapefruit and combining it with water and honey. Grapefruit can help flush out toxins and several carcinogens.

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Something You Need To Know Avoid Mouth Ulcers

Tips to relieve mouth ulcers

Tips to relieve mouth ulcers

Mouth ulcers are shallow ulcers that appear in the mouth. Ans some people refer it as canker sores. They can be very painful and disturbing – disrupting normal eating and drinking of many individuals around the world.

They can be distinguished from cold sores by their appearance which is usually round, in white or grey color and with a red border around it. It usually occurs in the tongue, the roof of the mouth, the cheeks and almost anywhere inside the mouth.

There are many causes of mouth ulcers ranging from lifestyle to nutritional deficiencies. Here are a few good ways to prevent having them.

Oral ulcers

Oral ulcers

  • Eat a well balanced diet. Most mouth ulcers occur due to lack of proper vitamins and minerals – usually vitamin C, vitamin B complex and folic acid. Make sure to include fruits and vegetables in your diet to help prevent or minimize the occurrence of mouth ulcers.
  • Maintain good oral hygiene. Mouth ulcers can be prevented by regularly brushing the teeth with a good tooth brush. Make sure to choose a good brand of toothpaste too, as some mouth ulcers can be caused by allergies or irritation due to the chemicals or ingredients found in toothpastes. The same thing goes with choosing tooth brushes as some kinds may not be soft bristled and thus, damage the mouth tissues.
  • Learn how to manage stress and how to cope with problems. Some mouth ulcers are caused primarily by stress.
  • Avoid eating too much spicy foods as these kinds of food may irritate the mouth tissues.

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Healthy Snacks To Munch Upon While Keeping Your Weight Down

Good Snacks are something we always crave for. I am no execption. I like to eat snacks as well during spare time. Eating the right healthy snacks provide us carbohydrates, iron and other essential nutrients and also keep our energy up while on the other side there are certain snacks which are heavy in fat and have less nutritional value. Just like what we usually bought “potato chips” at grocery stores.

Avoid those unhealthy snacks

Avoid those unhealthy snacks

Who would not like to incorporate the healthy snacks in his or her diet and refrain from the bad ones? Listed below are those healthy snacks which are not only rich in nutritional value but would also assist in shedding some pounds off your body.

1.         Plain or Low Fat Yogurt. Plain yogurt is among the top ones in the list of healthy snacks. It is low in sugar, a cup of which contains around 150 calories. It is one of the healthiest foods and is a good source of calcium and protein. For flavoring we can add some fruits like strawberry or blue berry (good anti oxidants which protect your heart). It also keeps your blood sugar and insulin levels at balance. Try picking yogurts that are low in fat and you will be munching on the best of healthy snack.

2.         Vegetables. These are one of the best healthy snacks you can get with good levels of fiber which not only is good for digestion but also keeps your cholesterol on check. Carrots, frozen peas and corn are a good option so is celery. Vegetables like cabbage, broccoli, beets and asparagus are high in fiber, make your stomach feel full and satisfied and thus reduce your hunger, leading towards weight loss. These qualities surely make vegetables as one of the super healthy snacks.

Nuts and dry fruits are healthy snacks

Nuts and dry fruits are healthy snacks

3.         Fruits. Fruits are a gift from God and rank high among healthy snacks. Full of vitamins and other essential minerals these apart from providing us the sweet flavor also can help keep one’s weight under watch. These can be eaten raw, mixed in a salad or part of a healthy snack. Frozen fruits also taste good and retain their nutritional value. Eating fruits increase volume and lessens calorie density and you can have the flavor of the best healthy snacks.

4.         Soy Chips. Soy chips are an alternative to potato chips. So all of you who have stopped munching, start again! this time with soy chips. These are not only full of proteins and fibers but are also low in fats which surely give it a high ranking in healthy snacks. Recent researches reveal that soy chips pluck the weight from our fats and not from our muscles.

5.         Go Nuts !.       These are effective anti oxidants, meaning by that these are really good for heart and reduce the risks of chronic diseases. Nuts are one of the best healthy snacks and are rich in proteins, fibers and omega 3 fatty acids which help fight bad cholesterol and blood pressure. These are relatively high in calories so you might want to stick to lower quantities of nuts. They can also be consumed by combining them with other snacks such as yogurt to make a tasty combination.

Healthy snack

Healthy snack

Just by incorporating the above mentioned snacks in your diet, you can keep a check on your weight and also quench your munching desire.

These healthy snacks can be eaten as they are or can be combined together as per taste to make endless combinations. Just by eating the healthy snack in the right proportions guarantee you a healthy life and a weight that’s under your watch all the time.

So when next time when you go to grocery store, check your shopping cart if you have grabbed some “Frito Lay” potato chips and put into your cart.  Try not to buy them as they are NOT a healthy snack!

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Do You Know Your Daily Lifestyle Can Help Reducing Cellulite

woman leg with cellulite

Woman leg with cellulite

Cellulite is basically fat deposited in the skin. They can be ugly and a real bother most especially to women. Cellulite make the skin look kind of lumpy and dimply. They usually occur in the thighs, arm and buttocks and can be a real problem when you attempt to wear shorts, miniskirts and sleeveless tops during summer time. Yeah.. I know, summer is around the corner….

So since cellulite is fat, the prevention and treatment would have to reduce calorie and fat intake and burn those fat away. I can think of a few tricks that you can try.

  • Check your diet and modify it. The main cause of cellulites is too much fat and calorie intake. It would do good to change what you eat and how you eat. Limit eating fatty food and stick to more fruits and vegetables. Fruits and vegetables make you feel full without those unwanted calories. Choose carefully in terms of food preparation. Avoid too much frying as it uses oil which translates into fat. Steaming, boiling and grilling are good healthy ways to cook your food.
  • Drink lots of water. Water improves skin elasticity and flushes out toxins and free radicals paving way to more healthy skin. Make sure to drink eight glasses of water a day at the very least.
  • Increase your physical activity. It is not only important for you to prevent adding more cellulite but also to banish the existing ones. Your cellulite will not disappear if you sit around all day. Make sure you do some cellulite exercises for example daily walks, a jog or do a certain sport every weekend. Anything that keeps you moving will help in getting rid of your cellulites.

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