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What Do You Know About Bacterial Vaginosis Prevention

Health woman with no bacterial vaginosis

Health woman with no bacterial vaginosis

Bacterial vaginosis is an infection in the vaginal tract that commonly occurs in women aged 20 to 30. Bacterial vaginosis is a result of the imbalance between healthy and unhealthy bacteria in the vaginal tract.

Common BV symptoms of bacterial vaginosis include itching, excessive white or grey vaginal discharge and pain during urination or sexual intercourse. The most common problem with bacterial vaginosis is that women who have once been diagnosed with it often experience it again.

BV is one of the vaginal yeast infection

BV is one of the vaginal yeast infection

Here are a few tips to prevent bacterial vaginosis from recurring.

  • Maintain proper hygiene. The easiest and most logical way to prevent unhealthy bacteria from causing infection in the vaginal tract is probably to wash at least once a day. Make sure that you wash using water and mild soap or an antibacterial feminine wash. See to it that you wipe from front to back to avoid bacteria from the anus from entering the vaginal tract and causing more problems. It is also a good practice to wash up after sexual intercourse to flush out bacteria. Even urinating after sex can help flush out bacteria!
  • Stick to one partner. One common cause of bacterial vaginosis is having multiple partners and thus having more chances of contacting bacteria. Although bacterial vaginosis is not passed between men and women, changes in the normal environment of the vaginal tract by having multiple partners will most likely lead to bacterial vaginosis.
  • Avoid douching. Douching interferes with the normal environment of the vagina.
  • Opt for cotton panties.
  • Do not wear tight jeans or shorts.

Hope these tips can help you away from BV infection. However, home remedies for BV prevention can be found by clicking here.

3 Natural Ingredients To Treating Discolored Nails

Discolored and yellow nails can be caused by a lot of factors. It can either be hereditary or due to exposure to chemicals and other unfavorable conditions.

Discolor nails

Discolor nails

Some of the most common causes include using too much nail products like nail polish and nail polish removers, bacterial infection, malnutrition, nail fungus and even smoking. Whatever the cause is, you can help improve the condition and color of your nails by trying these simple home remedies for discolored nails.

  • Lemon

You can slice up a lemon and rub the cut pieces onto your nails. You can also extract the juice and use a piece of cotton or a piece of cloth to apply it to your nails. Another option would be to soak your fingers or toes in the lemon juice. Doing any of these options will help remove the nail stain and discoloration.

  • Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is great for removing stains and discoloration in your nails. The only drawback with using tea tree oil is that it might take quite a bit of time before you can actually see significant results. Simply apply two drops of tea tree oil onto the discolored nails twice a day to help remove discoloration.

  • Onions

Simply apply onion peels onto the discolored nails by rubbing. You can do this as often as you like. Onions are known to help whiten nails and can also hinder fungal and bacterial growth in your nails. Just make sure to thoroughly wash your nails after applying the onion peels.

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Let Me Tell You How You Can Homemade Dog Food Tips

Is homemade dog food better than commercial dry food

Is homemade dog food better than commercial dry food?

Preparing a homemade dog food for your dog can be very heartwarming and ideal for you. At last, you have veered away from those commercial kibbles that are mostly full of preservatives, chemicals and non-nutritious fillers!

But have you ever thought of the risks involved in feeding your canine buddy yourself? Here are a few things to ponder on and a few tips to consider if you are pushing through with making homemade dog food for your pet.

There’s a reason why commercial kibbles can be quite expensive. Aside from the machinery, the packaging and the brand, pet companies also need to pay for dieticians and pet nutrition experts who monitor and regulate the contents of the dog food.

They ensure that vitamins, minerals, protein and other good stuff are present in each bag of dog food. By feeding your dog with homemade dog food, you are owning up to this responsibility that these experts have studied years to perfect.

Make sure that you do thorough research on what your dog needs and remember that each dog’s nutritional needs are different depending on the size, age and breed.

Maintain cleanliness throughout the making process of homemade dog food. Wash utensils in warm water to prevent bacteria. Thoroughly wash ingredients in running water and if you are attempting a raw dog food diet, make sure to properly store ingredients like meat at the appropriate temperature to avoid being spoilt.

Ensure that you are not adding toxic food ingredients into your homemade dog food recipe and be careful in handling eggs and other poultry products that are easily contaminated.

And REMEMBER, not all human consumable food is suitable for your beloved dog.  For example,  you should not feed chocolate to your dog as it is harmful to them. Be careful to check before preparing your homemade dog food.

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3 Simple Ways To Treating and Preventing Sinusitis



Sinusitis generally refers to the inflammation of the sinuses. Blocked nasal passages due to swelling and inflammation can lead to difficulty in breathing and bacterial infection. There are a lot of ways to prevent sinusitis and some natural ways to treat them at home too.

  • Keep hydrated. Drinking lots of fluids like water, juice, tea or coffee can help in thinning out mucus in your nasal passages. Once the mucus has thinned out, it will be easier to blow them out resulting in clearer nasal passages. Alcoholic drinks should be avoided though as alcohol is said to worsen the inflammation and swelling.
  • Make a saline solution at home using warm distilled water and some salt. Use it to clean up your nasal passages.
  • Steam your face. Simply pour boiling water onto a bowl and breathe in the steam. It would help to drape a towel on your head and shoulders so that the steam does not get out. You can also turn on the shower and stay in the bathroom for several minutes just to breathe in the steam though it would waste a lot of water. Steam can help loosen up blocked nasal passages and reduce swelling.
Sinusitis picture diagram

Sinusitis picture diagram

Make sure that you house is well ventilated. Houses that have poor ventilation can make air inside the house dusty, moldy and thick. This is not advisable for those who have sinusitis as it further worsens their breathing problems due to the blocked and inflamed. Also, some of the food should be avoid.  Check out the video below.

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