The Secrets of How To Fade Age Spots Naturally

Age spots usually visible on our body when getting old

Age spots usually visible on our body when getting old

Years of exposure to the sun will give you these age spots. Well, I do agree that we must call them sun spots but really, it comes with age and sun exposure.

They come hand in hand. The sun damages the melanocytes or the color producing cells of the skin, producing too much color. And whatever you do to these spots, the spots will come back if you re-expose the area to the sun. There are alternative solutions that you may want to try to fade away those spots.

The essential oils of lemon and benzoin have bleaching properties that can help to fade age spots. Combine two to three drops of these oils with almond oil and apply to the spot twice a day.

A mixture of honey and yogurt will also do the trick. For a teaspoon of plain yogurt, add 1 teaspoon of honey and mix thoroughly. Apply the mixture on the affected area, then wash off after 30 minutes, to be done once a day.

The herb gotu kola may also help get rid dark spots by stimulating the growth of new healthy cells and the production of collagen, which is the protein that holds the skin together. There are available tincture or capsule form of the herb. Add a dropper of tincture to ¼ cup of water and take three times daily.

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