Anger Management: How to Learn To Release Anger Without Pill

Control Your Anger

Control Your Anger

We often get relief from our anger either by resorting to violence or vengeance or just by simply screaming out hearts out. I would prefer the later.

Allowing yourself to physically express your anger safely and harmlessly will give you instant relief and without the drawbacks. Many conventional psychologists would say that expressing your anger in any fashion would lead to more anger.

They say that its only a delusion and a mask of a more deeper and dark black hole of anger that could backfire anytime. And we say that they are wrong. Anger is a negative energy that could poison your thoughts, health and feelings.

We all know that psychological burden, like anger for instance could affect your physiological balance thus making you sick. Sometimes it causes, headaches, back pain to heart diseases.

If your release your anger, you will experience profound peace, physically, mentally and emotionally. You can do that by not hurting anybody but by doing some specifically safe and energetic exercises as follows.

Let your anger have it by pounding on pillows. Typical isn’t it? But true. Find a place where you are alone and undisturbed. Punch a pillow or hit it repeatedly with a tennis racket while yelling and cursing.

Anger management

Anger management

How about screaming inside your car during traffic? Yeah. This is what I usually do when I get mad with the heavy congested traffic. That’s also an effective way of releasing your wrath while passing on time. Here’s what I like. Breaking dishes in your garage.

I need to hear something breaking for that quick relief. I make sure that I make necessary precautions not to hurt myself or the furniture when I do this.

The plates of course are brought from flee markets at very cheap amounts. Good for breaking but I strong not  recommended this. While you do anything above mentioned, make sure to breathe properly for the emotional release work. Breathe slowly and deeply through the nose, filling the entire torso from the lower abdomen to the upper chest and exhale through the mouth.

The above mentioned anger management technique may not be for everyone but it sure do works well for me!

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