How to Get Rid of Fatigue Once and For All

Chronic fatigue

Chronic fatigue

I think everybody agrees that it is not a disease. Most conventional doctors would say that fatigue is inevitable and is part of the normal course of our everyday life. We beg to disagree.

I personally think that it’s something preventable. You owe it to yourself to have ample rest and to live a healthy lifestyle to avoid fatigue. Alternative doctors would say that most of the people nowadays are underfed and underfueled.

We are pushing ourselves with tasks at hand and we simply can’t cope up. This is related to poor lifestyle and poor food choices. Fatigue can be avoided since we are naturally energetic. We have that energy flow within us that is blocked and we owe it to ourselves to allow it to flow.

Carnitine, otherwise called as the “capsule of youth”. This is a very effective supplement that helps transports nutritional fuel into the mitochondria, or the energy factory of the cells. It’s recommended that we take 500 milligrams of carnitine in tablet form twice a day with meals.

Co Enzyme Q10 is slowly gaining popularity in the alternative medicine community. It does not only energize heart muscle but all the cells of the body too. It helps the mitochondria to use the fuel to make energy.

Glutamate is also known to beat brain fatigue. It helps stabilize sugar levels and prevents sugar dips that causes brain fatigue. It’s recommended to take 800 milligrams of glutamate with breakfast and 400 milligrams with lunch.

Not drinking enough water everyday is one of the main reasons that people get fatigued. If  you don’t take any supplementation but you hydrate yourself well enough, you well get major boost of energy that you never knew you have in you.

Getting enough sleep and exercise are the surefire remedy for avoiding fatigue. Cells will regenerate and while you are asleep and your body will rev up when there is enough blood pumping during exercise. Just do it regularly and correctly.

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