Something you need to know about tooth decay

Tooth decay

Try to rinse your month whenever possible after meal.

Do I have to reiterate the importance of avoiding sugar rich foods to prevent tooth decay? From first grade we were all educated that sugars (found in our favorite candies) will stick to our teeth, developing dental plaque, thereby causing our teeth to rot from outside to inside.

So, the simple solution is to avoid sugar rich foods.  Aside from preventing too much sugar build up in your body, causing the dreaded diabetes, you will free yourself from tooth decay. This is not for vanity sake, this might actually save your life.

From one of my readings, I have actually found out that our teeth may actually rot from inside out because of too much sugar! Interesting? Apparently, our teeth are made up of microtubules that maintain the circulation from inside the teeth.

Much like the body’s circulatory system. The tubules contain a cleansing, nourishing, watery fluid that flows from deep inside the tooth to the outside in a process similar to sweating.

If we allow too much sugar intake, our body chemistry becomes unbalanced, and the flow is reversed. Inside to outside flow becomes abnormal thus the bacteria created acids on the outside of the tooth begin to eat away at the enamel, moves the bacteria deeper into the tooth, causing large cavities. Causes pain, bad breath and infection. All because of sugar.

Unfortunately, tooth destroying ingredient can be found in sugar free soda like diet coke, called phosphoric acid. Your enamel of your teeth can be eaten away, simply just like the acid produced by decay bacteria.

Trim down on these drinks and load yourself with milk and mineral rich drinks and food. To help maintain a stronger set of teeth. I can’t offer any effective more organic way to cleanse your teeth than to rinse off.

Not all of us can brush every after eating and drinking. Who does that by the way? So, one crucial technique? If you can’t brush then simply water rinse and spit!

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