Here is simple way to vanquish bad body odor

bad body odor

If you have bad body odor can, be sure to find out what cause the problem.

Our bodies have its own sewage system. The intestine does the job of digesting our food and making sure our system absorbs thee nutrients from these food.

Because of this crucial function, the digestive system, must be the very smelly part of our entire anatomy. And with this fact, our bodies are emitting a very unlikely odor.

This is a major turn off problem for most of us. What we can do is to detoxify ourselves to get rid of the wastes that has been clogged up from the intestines.

How? Let me give you the ways. First, make sure you eat fiber rich food. Everybody knows it promotes elimination of wastes, thereby acting as our internal cleaners. There are foods that we must avoid if we unfortunately have smelly body odors.

Do away with red meats, dairy products, fish, poultry. Let’s load ourselves more on fruits and vegetables, green tea, herbal tea, whole grain rice. I call this detoxification diet.

Meaning, we don’t intake too much of the stuff that causes internal calorie burning, leaving lots of residue inside which thereby spoils and causes us to stink. Another interesting way is to take chlorophyll.

Yes, this is the green pigment from plants and is surprisingly available in bottles! Instead of loading yourself with the alcohol stuff with some beer and wine, this time, drink the green stuff.

Will do you more good in preventing the stink. Take a teaspoon of the green chlorophyll and take it two to three times a day. Also, eat more fresh, chlorophyll-rich leafy greens such as spinach, chard and kale. Another interesting way is to take more of the good bacteria.

Yes, the probiotics supplement. This contains more of the friendly bacteria that help maintain the health of the intestines.  I would suggest you to try the best probiotics supplements in the market from Atomy that I have ever tried. Lastly, always think of the good stuff. Think positive thoughts and be happy. You will surely emit a powerful, happy and stink free outlook in life.

Atomy Probiotics

Atomy Probiotics

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