Natural Remedies That Can Help Reverse Macular Degeneration

What is macular degeneration?

What is macular degeneration?

Imagine a black hole in your line of vision. This eye disorder called macular degeneration is a condition wherein the cells of the center of your retina called the macula are slowly degenerating.

Your central vision becomes blurry with a black hole on it until all of your sight falls into that black hole. Conventional doctors will agree that this is irreversible and there is nothing to prevent the possibility of blindness and certainly nothing to reverse the problem.

Alternative practitioners would say otherwise. They say that macular degeneration may be stabilized or reversed with nutritional intervention.

According to alternative practitioners, lutein is the best nutritional supplement for the eyes. In fact, everyone over the age of 50 must be taking this supplement.

You can get this by eating five servings of leafy green vegetables a week and since most of us don’t, it’s perfectly fine to take the supplements from health care stores. They even recommend another pair to go with that lutein, called the bilberry extract. This is thought to improve the circulation of the retina, helping to stop or reverse macular degeneration.

It’s also advised to make a change in lifestyle. Make it a practice to eat low fat, whole foods. Remember that our eyes have a myriad of little nerves in there that could also be inflicted with fats from high cholesterol diets.

Thus, the health of our eyes depends on the health of our whole body. When you are outside, wear sunglasses to protect the retina from the damages caused by ultraviolet radiation. And, I’m sorry coffeeholics, but caffeine is a no-no when you have this disease.

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