Here Are Another Tips For Relieving Minor Burn String

Burn Relief

Burn Relief

Getting a burn is no joke. It stings, is painful and can even bring you to tears. Whatever the cause is – scalding hot water, the metal plate of the iron you accidentally bumped into or forgetting to wear kitchen mittens while picking up that wok, a burn needs immediate relief.

Unless you’re suffering from third degree burns brought about by chemicals, open fire and other more lethal causes, these home remedies will help relieve that minor burn sting.

The first thing you can do if you get a burn is to use cool water. Run cool water on the burned skin for at least 10 minutes. The cool temperature will help restrict the burn and the damage to a certain part and prevent it from spreading.

Pour some diluted vinegar on your burn. Vinegar is one of the oldest and most trusted home remedy for burns. Simply dilute vinegar with water in equal parts and apply it onto your burn by pouring directly or even soaking up the burned part with the mixture. Vinegar helps remove the sting and relaxes your skin too.

Apply Aloe Vera can help to burn relief

Apply Aloe Vera can help to burn relief

Apply aloe vera onto the burned skin. Gather some aloe vera leaves and split open. You can gently apply the gel onto your burned skin. Aloe vera can help kill the pain and aid in faster recovery from the skin burn.

Black tea can also help relieve skin burn. Using 2 or 3 tea bags, let seep in cool water and apply the tea to the burned skin.

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Do Not Forget to Use Aloe Vera for Minor Burning Treatment


The degree level of Burn wound

If you are very unfortunate you get burn, here are some quick burn remedies that you can use to relief the pain. Burn is a skin and flesh injury resulting from application or direct contact of heat, radiation, any friction and electricity.

There are different levels or degrees of burn and signs of each degree and which degree can be treated with organic substance.

First degree burns and its organic remedy:

  • There is you can see redness in the area of burn.
  • There is  just a slight tingling sensation because of the direct contact with your skin.

Organic Remedy:

  • Wash the leaves of the Aloe Vera and pound it to extract the juice.
  • Right after the burn, you can apply Aloe Vera juice directly from the leaves as a soothing effect on the burn.

Second Degree Burn and its organic remedy:

  • There is redness of the burned area with small blisters because the deeper tissues of the skin were affected.
  • There is pain and a hot sensation because of the burn.
  • Most of these kind of burn is due to direct contact of the flame or any chemicals that can cause burns to your skin.

Organic Remedy:

  • Wash the burned skin with clean water and let it dry for a while.
  • When there are no bursting of the blisters, you can also apply Aloe Vera juice to the burned skin.
  • You can also apply Annatto by boiling 10-15 clean leaves for 5 minutes and let it cool. Soak the burn skin for 10 minutes only and apply it once a day.

The higher levels of burns especially in the scrotum area, needs immediate medical attention to prevent infection.

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The secret of minor burn relief revealed

A lifetime of scar can be caused even with a short exposure to heat which causes burns. It can happen anytime and in a split second, one could get scalded or fired up! Leaving you with a painful open wound, and depending on the severity, might cause you your life.

A hand got burnt. Skin Burning must be treated accordingly.

Minor burn can be treated using natural products. Severe  skin burns must be treated by doctors.

For small burns that could happen in everyday life, there are some soothing relief that will help cure, bigtime!

Ever tried the cooking power of the aloe? It’s not only good for maintaining your gorgeous hair but also for soothing the pain of burns.

I tried it when I was still little and the world was still full of fun then (sigh!),that aside from the scratches I caused myself for the adventures

I had, there were also times that I had a few incidents of burns in my fingers. If I’m not mistaken that was when we tried to put off the candle light using our thumb and forefingers!

Like trying to catch the fire and putting it off. There was a little heat and the most immediate relief was of course the aloe vera leaf. My mother used to peel off a leaf, and put it on the burned area. There is instant cooling effect which actually stops the burning process.

When I grew up, I discovered the powerful effect of lavender oil as my homemade first aid burn relief. Combined with distilled water, witch hazel and some drops of lavender oil, the homemade burn relief is ready to be stored for future minor burn incidence.

Remember, there are only for minor burns. Major burns should be dealt with caution and must referred to the doctor or emergency rescue team.

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