Here is quick way to relief bursitis and tendinitis


Tendinitis also known as inflammation of tendon

They call these two as the Purple Hearts of Weekend warriors. I read this definition in one book that amused me. Purple hearts as these two conditions have purple appearance due to their common inflammatory manifestation.

Afflicting mostly the weekend warriors since most of the people suffering from bursitis and tendinitis are overworked and have caused sudden overuse of their tendons and muscles.

Consider this scenario, you spend your Sunday, tending the garden, washing your car, playing some golf and hauling some stuff. You wake up painfully on a Monday because of some brand new ache in your shoulders. Typical of weekend warriors right?

Luckily, there are some natural and fast relief options available at home that’s tremendously perfect for pain and inflammatory relief.

Do not underestimate the power of ice. Immediately after the injury, consider ice massage. Cold is the first aid treatment to relieve and stop the progress of inflammation. Anther well known cold treatment is a bag of frozen peas.

They are like little ice cubes that retain cold and contours the shape of the injured area. Just rub along the unbroken part of the inflammation like ice massage. Remember though that cold therapy must be done within 24 hours after the injury or immediately on the onset of inflammation.

After the cold therapy, you can now consider massage. If it’s on the shoulder, have a massage therapist put some heat pads on your upper back and neck then after 5 minutes, the massage from origin and insertion of the muscle may be done.

When you cannot help but be a weekend warrior (again!), consider some frequent in between rest and body mechanics when lifting heavy objects.

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