How to Relieve Backache In Natural Way



Whether you have  made a wrong hip turn, bent way too much or you’re finally in your senior years, dealing with a backache is no easy feat!

Sure, there are a lot of pain killers out there and you can always call your masseuse to schedule an appointment. However, these methods can have negative impacts on your body in the long run.

Not only are pain killers made of chemicals but they also have bad side effects including mood changes and even drug dependence.

Getting a massage is relatively safe provided that the masseuse is professionally trained. Otherwise, you might end up with muscle and even bone damages!

It is therefore a safer option to stick to non-invasive and natural ways to help alleviate the pain brought about by backaches. You can apply a cold and then a hot compress on your back to help you feel better.

A cold compress is ideal for back strains right after they have occurred as they help reduce inflammation and pain. All you need are ice cubes, a plastic container and towel or cloth to wrap around the plastic container.

After 2 days or so, you can start applying a hot compress to help sooth your back and increase blood flow.To make a hot compress, simply soak a towel or cloth with warm water and apply it to your back.

Drinking teas can also help relieve backache.Some of the most common pain-relieving teas are ginger and chamomile.

Making ginger tea is very simple. Simply grate or pound fresh ginger and boil it with hot water. you can add brown sugar or honey if you like . For chamomile tea, use chamomile flowers and boiling water or simply purchase them from the supermarket.

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Do you have Tooth Grinding Problem?

You will never know if you have bruxism or tooth grinding unless you ask your wife or other people you in bed with. That is when you unconsciously grind your teeth in sleep as if you have you have an invisible food in your mouth.

Do you have tooth grinding

Do you have tooth grinding?

Experts would say that it’s more like “chewing your problems” since it is stress related. Interestingly, those people who have not dealt with their problems in life lightly or may have over stressed themselves will end up grinding their teeth at night.  Much to the disturbance of their sleep mates, tooth grinding will cause a great deal of damage to the teeth which will end up to toothache. What to do? Try to put stress to sleep.  That’s right. Before going to bed, avoid doing anything stressful for at least half an hour. You may listen to soft music or take a warm bath and forget about the stress of the day. Some herbs like chamomile, valerian and skullcap are believed to relieve anxiety and provide deeper sleep. Take a tincture of any of these herbs before bedtime stirring the dose as recommended on the label. 

And here’s an interesting technique. If you knew you were tooth grinding you would not do it right? So, the right thing to do is biofeedback. Help yourself become aware of what your doing, this time by doing it consciously and with a little bit of pain. Put your tongue in between your upper and lower teeth and try to clench your teeth.

It will hurt a bit of course then tell yourself “I don’t have to do this!”. This technique has been found to be very effective. Try it and see for yourself.


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