What Is The Best Vegetables for Diabetics

People with diabetes often have many types of food to avoid. In most cases, they are often advised to stay away from sugars, most especially artificial sugars to help keep their blood sugar levels in normal range.

Sudden drops in blood sugar levels in diabetics can also be quite dangerous but most of the time, diabetics’ blood sugar levels shoot up because of wrong food choices. Here is a short list of safe best vegetables that people with diabetics can consume without worry.




Spinach is a vegetable that contains minimal amounts of starch – making it low carbohydrate. It is said that there is no limit as to how much spinach a diabetic can consume as it is regarded as highly safe.

Because of its ultra low carbohydrate content, there is no danger of raising your blood sugar levels. You can whip up a fast and easy spinach snack by making a fresh salad with tomatoes, ground black pepper and balsamic vinegar.


Although cucumbers cannot help lower your blood sugar levels, they function much like spinach. Cucumbers belong to the non starchy group of vegetables thereby eliminating the fear of raising your blood sugar levels.

You can freeze or place cucumbers over ice and consume them. If you don’t like its smell and aftertaste, you can also add some balsamic vinegar.

bitter melon

Bitter melon

Ampalaya (Bitter Melon)

Ampalaya or bitter melon is known to have p-insulin, a polypeptide that functions much like insulin. This helps in regulating blood sugar levels and keeping them within normal range.

It also contains an insulin resisting hormone called leptin. You can consume ampalaya in many ways – either raw in salads or cooked by sautéing with other healthy vegetables.

If you or the person you know has diabetes, it is advisable to consider to take  these natural ingredients as diabetic dietary.

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