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Alternative doctors believe that the approach of modern medicine to asthma is inadequate and misguided. They believed that the medications have caused more harm than good since they treat the symptoms and not the problem.

Though most alternative doctors use the natural method, the total healing program they designed required medical tests and supervision of a doctor. Alternative home remedies can be safely used by anyone with asthma.

One of the alternative cures for this inflammatory condition is magnesium. It helps open up the airways wherein it acts as a natural bronchodilator. It’s recommended that a daily dose of 500 milligrams magnesium supplement be taken for six months.

Asthma can be life threatening

Asthma can be life threatening

During asthma attack, the lungs become inflamed which makes it harder to breathe. Thus, to reduce this inflammation, omega 3 from flaxseed oil and fish oil is recommended as a supplement.

However, if you are aspirin sensitive, consult your physician when taking fish oil. Antioxidants such as beta carotene and Vitamins C and E are also being recommended to reduce the formation of free radicals which are formed when there is an inflammation during an asthma attack. These free radicals are unstable, cell damaging molecules that cause further harm to the body.

One interesting herb that I have discovered is called coleus. This herb has been used for centuries by practitioners of Ayurveda, the ancient system of natural healing from India. This herb helps relax the airways. It’s recommended to get a product standardized for 18 percent forskolin, the active ingredient in coleus. Take 50 milligrams two or three times a day for up to a year.

Most asthma cases are often triggered by allergens. The nettle herb is also recommended for patients with sinus problems or nasal allergies. The herb has histamine that helps control allergic reactions that could trigger the asthma attack. In addition, water treatment can also helps relief asthma attack.

Asthma can be life threatening, so before you try anything of the above, consult your doctor first.

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The secret of loosen earwax buildup

Removing and cleaning ear wax

Removing and cleaning ear wax

We all vacuum cleaner sans lubricant sans antibiotic in our ears. We call that good stuff, the earwax. While it’s already a blessing to have such a gooey stuff in our ears, some people produce more of this good stuff that it already irritates the inside of the ear and worst, will likely produce hearing impairment. Most doctors do not know why some of us produce more earwax, but alternative doctors say that it’s all because of our diet. Here is what they have to say on treating earwax buildup naturally.

If you have earwax buildup on your right ear, lie on your left side and out a few drops of olive oil on that ear. Lie still for some 15 minutes. This should loosen the earwax. This must be done at least 4 times a day.  Symptoms of irritation and impaired hearing should gradually decrease.

It could also help to take a supplement of flaxseed oil .This is rich in fatty acids which is known to reduce inflammation. Take 1,000 milligram capsule at least 3 times day. And since most alternative doctors would say that too much earwax is because of poor food choices, one must cut back on saturated fats.

Increase intake of the “good fats” found in fish, nuts, and seeds. These are the omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids. Of course, it pays to have good ear hygiene. Always clean  your ears using the prescribed cotton buds and avoid pushing and probing on the insides to avoid more injury.

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