What Do You Know About Preventive Measures for High Cholesterol

Cholesterol level chart

Cholesterol level chart

As we getting older, our cholesterol level may be elevated! A person’s cholesterol level is greatly affected by diet and exercise. Other cholesterol levels are also due to family history for example family members having cases of high cholesterol and even high blood pressure. Here are a few preventive measures that you can take to veer away from high cholesterol.

  • Avoid foods that are deep fried. Foods that are deep fried are not only unhealthy because of the oil but also because most of the foods that are deep fried are fatty.
  • Be mindful of the oil that you use for cooking. Opt for olive oil or canola oil instead of butter and margarine when cooking.
  • Load up on soy products. Food items like soy milk, tofu and soy burgers can fill you up without all that unhealthy fat. They are also an excellent source of protein.
  • Snack on some nuts. Nuts like pistachios and walnuts along with sunflower seeds can help lower cholesterol levels.
  • Change your meat part preferences. Instead of choosing fatty meat for your steaks, stick to leaner ones. It is also a good idea to skip all the fat trimmings as they can definitely give your cholesterol levels a boost!
  • Eat more fiber. Fiber can be found in most fruits and vegetables. You can also get fiber from oatmeal and other whole grains like whole wheat and flaxseed. Fiber helps cholesterol binding thereby preventing it from making its way into the bloodstream.

Prevention is better the cure because high cholesterol can bring  more harms than goods of your body. Get more articles and useful tips from my blog site.


Shingles pain: How Easy to Treat Shingles


Picture of shingles

Have you felt how annoying it is to have unexpected visitors in your home whom you haven’t seen since 7th  grade and they are now bothering you like crazy? That’s how shingles (could be with all the pain and the itch.

Actually, shingles is perhaps the nephew of your aunt named chicken pox whom you have endured decades ago. Unfortunately, the varicella virus, the one that caused the return of the annoying visitor named shingles, a painful skin rash, which by the way is the cause of your chicken pox, was apparently not completely healed that time.

It lurked in your spine and has decided to come out with vengeance after a decade or so. Manifestation would be itchy and painful blisters breaking out from the spine to the chest. Like a judas belt forming a painful curse around you. It will stay with you for at least 2 weeks making you feverish, weak and headachy.

Alternative practitioners recommend the following natural relief to alleviate the pain of the shingles attack. To help remove the virus, you may use activated charcoal.

For shingles treatment, just by adding a small amount of water to it plus cornstarch or flaxseed, you can make a paste to be put on the blisters. Make sure you put on latex gloves to avoid contaminating yourself and other people with the communicable virus.

Apply the paste to the blisters and let it stand for 20 minutes, leaving the paste for 12 hours. Wash it off the re apply until the blisters are dry and healed.

A hydrogen peroxide gel may also be used to kill the virus and help shorten the episodes of shingles. Apply the gel every 2 to 3 hours until they have dried and healed.

The shingles must have attacked because of the persons’ low immune system, Therefore, it is a must that immune system be enhanced and strengthened by taking high potency multivitamins specially Vitamin C.

Even if a virus is self limiting, meaning, it could go away on its own, it pays to take some natural relief to be free form the horror of the shingles pain it’s causing. After all, there will be no drug interaction for these natural alternative home remedies  for shingles treatments.

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Let Us Learn How Women Deal with The Big Change Naturally

If you are male or a husband, you got to know that women or your wife  have a lot of loads put up to them by nature. Menstruation, pregnancy, motherhood and menopause. The last one is the big change and would apt to be called a “horror” episode of a woman’s life at age 50 and above.



The famous hot flashes and night sweats would be present anytime of the day. Not to mention the vaginal dryness, loss of sexual libido, memory loss and even mood swings.

There is a hormone replacement therapy that can benefit the women who have these bouts of “horrible experience” during there menopausal period.

Doctors will tell you that you only have two options in dealing with it. Take the hormone replacements or just endure the symptoms. That’s why a few women knew that there are alternative ways to deal with this naturally occurring period in the women’s life.

By taking vitamin E supplement, hot flashes may be controlled or eliminated. And the best way tot take it is by dividing the dose (1,000IU) in four or five doses a day. That would be 200IU per take.

If you have night sweats, take one dose before bed and another during the night if you wake up. If you have started feeling well, gradually start reducing the dosage until you reach the minimum 400IU daily.

To add the “E” in your diet, include avocado, flaxseed and wheat germ in your daily food intake. And make sure you have a daily supplement of the Vitamin-B Complex to help reduce stress while dealing with menopausal symptoms.

Black Cohosh

Black Cohosh

A few women knew that there are herbs that could actually help in correcting hormonal imbalance. The black cohosh herb attaches to the estrogen receptor sites in the body, helping to correct the hormone imbalances and helps reduce hot flashes and night sweats. There are available tinctures and tea preparations in health shops.

‘Sweat more to Sweat Less”. Well, according to a study, the night sweats occur because the body is trying to eliminate the toxins that is normally expelled during menstruation.

And during menopause, the body is trying to find another means to expel it, thus the night sweats. To help relieve the symptoms, it has been found that going to the sauna or steam bath could actually help relieve the symptoms.

It’s important to have that emotional support, specially during this time big change.

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