Here Are 3 Natural Treatments for Nail Fungus

Treat Nail Fungus with Natural Remedy

Treat Nail Fungus with Natural Remedy

Nail fungus or onychomycosis refers to a fungal infection in the nails most commonly in the toenails. It is characterized by inflammation, yellowing, thickening, swelling, crumbling and pain in the nails. It can be very bothersome most especially if it is accompanied by foul smelling odor.

For women, it is even more inconvenient as one can no longer wear open toe sandals and slippers without having to show off the affected nail.

Although there are currently many over the counter drugs that can help fight off nail fungus, studies show that these drugs have unwanted side effects like liver damage. Here is a list of natural treatments that will surely banish nail fungus in no time!

  • Mix tea tree oil with olive oil or thyme oil. Pour ample amount onto a cotton ball and apply it onto the affected area. Rub it on the area for around ten minutes. After ten minutes, scrub off the infected area using a brush gently. Tea tree oil can help get rid of off fungus because of its antiseptic and anti fungal properties.
  • Mix one part vinegar and two parts water. Soak the affected area using the mixture for at least 20 minutes each day. The acidity of vinegar will help stop fungal growth.
  • Mix garlic oil and white vinegar in equal amounts. Apply the resulting mixture to the infected nail. Cover the infected area with a bandage. Doing so will help slow down fungus from spreading. If garlic oil is not available, you can crush 2 cloves of garlic and mix it with oil, allowing 24 hours before mixing it with white vinegar.

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Do not forget to proper caring your feet

Remember to change socks everyday especially during warm season.

Remember to change socks everyday especially during warm season.

Warm season is coming and foot problems gross because of excessive heat and over exposure to sunlight that will cause excessive sweating. But you should also take care of your feet.

There are essential things to do in caring your feet. Your feet are an important part of your body, so as with other parts. If you are working all day in an office, your feet must be taken cared of by a foot lotion because most of the time it is close and covered for many hours.

It needs foot moisturizer and foot powder. Some feet are sweats easily or will always have excessive sweating. There are simple yet non- expensive foot powder such as, powdered starch to keep your feet dry eve when covered for a longer hours.

Always use a clean socks and shoes all the time to avoid fungus formation that can cause bad foot odor. If your shoes and socks are wet, you can change it or let  it dry before using it. Some issues of foot bad odor are when you borrow shoes from other people or you let your shoes borrowed by others, too. Also try to prevent athlete foot.

So, if they have a foot odor problem, your foot will be contaminated by the fungus, as well.

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