The secret of Natural Remedies for Dementia Treatment



Dementia (forgetfulness) is one of the most important and most frequently reported brain disorders.It is characterized by extensive impairment of cognitive abilities i.e. learning, thinking and remembering things, in a previously normal person.

It might be due to several causes including severe head injuries, any disease or it may result because of normal aging process. It might be static or progressive.

Dementia seriously affects the memory, attention, language comprehension, problem solving abilities and communication skills of a person.

It is very common and there are several natural remedies for dementia that can help you improve your memory in a healthy way without eating a handful of medicines every day.



What are the natural remedies for dementia?There are several natural remedies for dementia treatment that can help you improve the normal functioning of your brain. These natural remedies for dementia treatment include change in your diet, social life and herbal medications.

  • Diet: Changing your normal routine diet to a brain healthy diet can prove to be one the most effective natural remedies for dementia cure. This diet plan includes:
    • Vitamin B12: Vitamin B12 is one of the most important vitamins that are required for normal brain functioning. It is involved in normal body processes that extract energy from your diet.A deficiency of vitamin B12, as seen in alcoholics, can seriously impair brain function and can cause dementia. So eating vitamin B12 rich diet, including liver, egg yolk, cheese, sea food, lamb and beef, can help to cure dementia.
    • Iodine diet: Thyroid is the most important gland of body that controls metabolism and brain activity. Any dysfunction can cause complications like dementia. So, always make sure that your thyroid is healthy and functioning well enough.If you face difficulties like lethargy and impaired in thinking then consult your doctor as it might be caused due to decreased “thyroid hormone” release. Eat a diet rich in iodine e.g. iodinated salt and sea food, as iodine is essential for normal thyroid function.
    • Omega3 fatty acids: Omega 3 fatty acids seem to play an important part in controlling cognitive abilities of brain. So, natural remedies for dementia include eating a diet rich in omega-3 fatty acids. Such diet includes egg, dairy products and sea foods.
    • Vitamin D: Eating a diet rich in vitamin D can also help improve the brain health. Vitamin D rich diet includes almonds, peanuts, hazelnuts, and egg, dairy and meat products.
    • Mercury poisoning: Mercury is a toxic substance that particularly damages the human brain. Avoiding the exposure of human body to any mercury source e.g. abstinence for eating a fish that is caught from waters contaminated with industrial wastes, can help improve brain function.
    • High cholesterol: High cholesterol levels increase the risk of brain complications like stroke and forgetfulness. So, a high cholesterol diet should be avoided. 



  • Life style: Changing your life style can prove to be a simple and effective dementia treatment. These changes include:
    • Adequate sleep: Getting enough and good sleep is the simplest yet most effective natural remedy for dementia. Poor sleep hygiene and improper sleeping habits can actually accelerate brain damage and increase the chances of dementia.
    • Exercise: Exercise yourself, both mentally and physically. Exercise improves the growth of new neurons, enhances neuronal connections, causes the release of different hormones and improves the flow of blood to brain. All these factors eventually improve brain function. 
    • Learn something new: Always try to learn something new. A stagnant and unused brain is more likely to get forgetful as compared to brain that keeps busy in learning new things.
    • Social ties: Improve your social ties as good social life can relax your mind and can help you learn new things.
    • Stress management: Always try to avoid stress as stress enhances the destruction of neurons and limits the ability of brain to function properly. 
  • Herbal treatment: Herbal treatment is another dementia treatment. It includes:
    • Extracts from gingko plant is reported to help treat dementia.
    • Use of oils like coconut oil, virgin olive oil etc, are very helpful
    •  Huperzine A, a substance derived from Huperzia serrata, can help to cure dementia.
    • Bacopa leaf extracts provide another natural remedy for dementia.
    • Lavender may also prove helpful in the dementia treatment.

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Tinnitus: You might have Vitamin B Deficiency

Tinnitus - Your personal alarm clock

Tinnitus – Your personal alarm clock

Conventional medicine has almost nothing to offer to patients with tinnitus. And did you know that some patients would even commit suicide just to quiet that hissing sound in their ear?

But alternative medicine can offer their patients some remedies that will do significant difference in alleviating the symptoms of that annoying hissing sound.

Did you know that a deficiency of Vitamins B can cause tinnitus?

Lack of supplementation may improve the symptoms. So, medical experts advise you to take high potency vitamin B-complex supplement that supplies 50 milligrams of most of the B Vitamins.

In addition to the multivitamin, it is often recommended to take higher levels of the three keys of vitamins B:  Thiamin, Niacin and B12. These vitamins work by stabilizing the nervous system specially the nerves of the inner ear.

What cause Tinnitus

What cause Tinnitus?

You can also nip tinnitus in the bud by taking the mineral zinc. Complete resolution is often possible if the tinnitus is recent. It’s recommended to take niacin treatment with zinc gluconate twice a day.

The herb gingko is also recognized for its value in reducing ringing in ear symptom. Aside from it being a powerful memory enhancer by improving circulation to the brain, it also helps reduce tinnitus symptoms by improving the circulation in the ear.

Look for gingko extract standardized to 24 percent gingko flavoglycosides and take 120 to 240 milligrams twice a day.

Banish the noisemakers. If you have tinnitus, stay away from coffee, salt, sugar and alcohol as there are some findings that people who gave up these foods finds their tinnitus fade away.

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