Do You Know About Heart Attack Symptoms?

heart attack symptoms

heart attack symptoms

You are in a great party and enjoying it very much. Suddenly someone just fell down. How would you know that that person had a heart attack or something else happened.


  • Severe chest pain, pressure and feeling too much heavy.
  • Generally this pain starts from the bones of middle of the chest.
  • You kept glycerol trinitrate tablet under your tongue but the pain doesn’t seem to be reduced.
  • The pain spreads from chest to the left side of neck arm and hand too.
  • Vomiting, hands and legs cool down.
  • Sweating
  • Problem in breathing.
  • Fast but low pulse
  • Fear of death.

If you think that you are getting a heart attack, first put any glycerol trinitrate tablet. If the situation gets worse, then take aspirin immediately. Aspirin helps blood not to clog so fast. So it reduces the affect of heart attack. Then go or take patient to the nearest hospital. But, it must be assured that on the way to hospital, patient must get enough oxygen to breathe.

We all love our life and none want to suffer. If you are not maintaining a healthy life, my suggestion to you is, live a healthy life that will help you to remain healthy and keep you apart from disease. And to avoid heart attack you must give up smoking and oily food.

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