What is Top 5 Tips to Lower High Blood Pressure

How to lower high blood pressure

How to lower high blood pressure

Whether we like it or not, we all will get old someday. As we age, the chances of  developing high blood pressure (hypertension) and cardiovascular disease may also increase.

Generally speaking, high blood pressure (hypertension) refers to high pressure of the blood in the arteries. People who have high blood pressure are at more risk for heart attacks, kidney failures and strokes.

Most of the people afflicted with high blood pressure are those who are obese, have hypertensive family members and those who drink too much alcohol and consume too much fatty food.

I am here to briefly discuss how to we can prevent this health threat or lower high blood pressure. You can make use and abide by these tips.

  • Stay low in terms of your salt intake. Too much salt in your body calls for more blood volume most especially to the kidneys. The body seeks to dilute the sodium by conserving your body fluids and pumping more blood to your kidneys. This results in more extra work for your blood vessels.
  • Keep up with your calcium intake! As opposed to salt, calcium may help in keeping the sodium and water balance in your body. You can take supplements but it is more effective to obtain calcium from food sources like milk and dairy products.
  • Include garlic in your diet. Garlic is said to have an inherent ability to lower blood pressure. You can eat fresh garlic cloves or pound some mixed in water.
  • Reduce your sugar intake. Avoid drinking too much artificially sweetened juice, carbonated beverages and other sugary drinks. Avoid eating too much chocolates and chocolate based food and snacks. Stick to healthy sugar by consuming fruits instead. Moreover, intake too much sugar may trigger diabetes health problem.
  • Avoid eating too much fatty foods. Always include vegetables in your everyday diet even if it’s just one serving.

Hopefully these 5 tips will give you better understanding on lower high blood pressure. To get more articles, visit my website at Natural Health Care Reviews

Do you Aware of Effects of Fast Food on Brain Health

fast food restaurants

Fast food restaurant infiltrated everywhere

Is fast food good or bad for brain health?

I am not sure about you. I can easily access to any fast food restaurant like McDonalds, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Burger King.. Sound familiar to you right?  Yeah..They are all fast food restaurant chain store that has infiltrated every nook and cranny in the western countries.

You see, eat too much fast food like hamburgers, hot dogs is not good for our health. Moreover,the effects of fast food on brain health are very deleterious. The consumption of fast food has been extensively increased during last few decades.

The easy life style and shortage of time has shifted the trend of eating towards consumption of fast food. People eat whatever they get without thinking what effect that thing would have on their health.

The effects of fast food on brain health are in particular very extensive because brain is the most sensitive part of our body and anything that affects our general health also affects the health of our brain.

Eat too much fast food is dangerous

Eat too much fast food is dangerous

Behavioral disturbance.

The effects of fast food on brain health are addictive in nature. Fast food is mainly composed of two major components: sugar and wheat. Experiments on mice proved that those mice that were repeatedly give food resembling fast food had increased release of “dopamine” in their central nervous system. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that creates a feeling of euphoria and relaxation but repeated release can lead to mental disorders like anxiety, depression and even hallucinations. So the effects of fast food n brain health include depression of brain functioning and increased dependence on fast food.

Increased chances of Stroke.

The major effects of fast food on brain health are mainly related to the development of atherosclerotic plaques (fat plugs) in blood vessels. A diet high in saturated fat, such as fast food, leads to the formation of such plaques in walls of blood vessels. The caliber of blood vessels continue to decrease over time and a time comes when the blood vessels are completely closed. When this happens blood vessels rupture due to the building blood pressure.

If this happens in brain, it is called “brain hemorrhage” or “stroke”. During brain hemorrhage, supply of blood to the brain tissues is completely blocked and brain tissues start to die without oxygen and nutrients. This leads to permanent brain damage and disturbance in behavior and normal body function.

Effects of Fast Food

Effects of Fast Food

Impaired learning.

Studies have proved that diet rich in anti-oxidants, unsaturated fatty acid, proteins and low in saturated fatty acids is best for our brain health. Fast food is extremely lacking in all these essential components of healthy brain diet.

A high level of cholesterol and saturated fats has effects on brain health including negative affect growth and development of brain neurons. The responsiveness of neurons to particular stimulus is decreased extensively. Cognitive and problem solving skills of a person are affected badly. In short fast food decreases the sharpness of mind.

Diabetes and Stroke.

Fast food like, different soda drinks, shake and burgers, are rich in sugar. When body is exposed to an elevated level of sugar, it responds by increasing the level of insulin. But fast food consumption can lead to the development of “tolerance” to normal insulin levels i.e. blood sugar does not profuse into the cells and serum glucose level starts to increase. This elevated level of glucose cause serious complications of heart, kidney and brain. So the effects of fast food  involve increased chances of stroke due to hypertension caused by elevated blood glucose.

Alzheimer’s disease.

Experiments performed on animals proved that those animals that were fed on food resembling fast food , high in cholesterol, saturated fatty acids and sugar, had effects on brain health that resembled a condition called “Alzheimer’s disease”.

Effects of fast food on brain health include development of Alzheimer’s disease like symptoms. The person seem to forget things easily (dementia), learning of the person is impaired, there is no consolidation of memories, communication skills are demented, social behavior becomes abnormal and person is unable to perform normal physical activities.


Effects of fast food on brain health are mainly harmful. So usage of fast food must be avoided. Diet must be rich in fruits, vegetables, cereals, pulses and low fat meat products.

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Cayenne Pepper : An Easy Way to Reduce High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is a common problem nowadays  Too many people have high blood pressure also known as hypertension. Some do not even realize that they have it not until they perform medical checkup. According to recent studies, most people have high blood pressure after their late 30s.

ceyenne pepper

Ceyenne pepper

I would suggest if you are over 30 years old to have check your blood pressure  levels regularly. So it is important to monitor your blood pressure levels when you past your late 30s. Nearly 1 in 3 Americans suffer from high blood pressure. Having high blood pressure is a high risk of strokes and heart disease. What you can do to reduce high blood pressure is eat Cayenne pepper.

Cayenne Pepper, also known as Guinea Spice, a hot chili flavor. It is red in color. It contains high amounts of vitamin A, B, C, E, riboflavin, potassium and manganese.According to studies, cayenne pepper helps to keep blood pressure normalized. Although it is a flavoring spice it is also a helpful way to reduce high blood pressure. It is also used as an important herbal supplement. You can use Cayenne pepper in soup, curry and many other great foods  as well as in variety of  drinks. Though, it is really spicy, so make sure you don’t over consume.
Overuse may cause tongue burning… and at times it swell your lips.

Check at your local grocery store next time when shopping.

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