Now You Can Have Herbal Remedy on Dermatitis

Perioral Dermatitis

Perioral Dermatitis

What defers dermatitis to skin scabies or other skin problems? In general dermatitis is the inflammation of the skin and most contributing factor of the disease is due to allergies caused by allergens. There are different forms of dermatitis and their signs and symptoms are usually the same.

There are organic substance that are proven effective to dry your dermatitis and treat itchiness.

1) Wash your skin thoroughly and let it dry for 3-5 minutes.
2) Boil 10-15 leaves of guava leaves for 5 minutes and apply a lukewarm boiled guava leaves to your dermatitis and let it dry for 5 minutes leaving the dried juice on your skin.
3) There are some skin that are showing lesions because of scraches. Wash it with soap and water and let it dry. Apply the boiled guava leaves for 5 minutes until it will be soaked.
4) Cover the affected area to prevent them from dirt.
5) Guava application is a hypoallergenic measure and it’s pure organic.
6) You can also apply garlic juice when itchiness occur.
7) You can also apply Golden Shower plant through its leaves by pounding it and apply directly to the affected area.
8) Regular proper hygiene is important to prevent infection or situation becomes severe.

Hopefully you will find these tips useful.

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The Best Grooming Tips for Men to Prevent Stress

Common mistakes on men’s grooming which leads to a bigger problem on their baldness problem. Take a look on these simple tips to make men having better a outlook in life.

The first tip on good grooming is proper hair care. Use suggested shampoo and hair conditioners depending on the quality of your hair. There are also natural and organic shampoos that are available in the market. Follow the instructions that are written in the label of the shampoo such as, the amount to be used and direction of application. Organic shampoos are safe for your hair and scalp.

Wash your hair with right shampoo

Wash your hair with right shampoo

Scalp care is often neglected but it needs treatment and scalp vitamins that will promote a healthy scalp. Avoid over exposure to sunlight that will damage your hair and scalp. However, there are hair and scalp protection that are also available in the market now a days to help maintain good grooming. Proper hair cut is also suggested depending on your style.

Choose the right hair and scalp solution that are hypoallergenic and less expensive. You can consult to your trusted beautician or any hair and scalp care specialist. Don’t forget read the label of concentration on different solution to be applied to you. Use a right hair brush that is appropriate for your type of hair. Best care depend on your choice to prevent stress.

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