Do You Make The Mistake of Taking Sleeping Pill

Sleeping pill has side effect to our health

Sleeping pill has side effect to our health

Sometimes we can’t sleep at night. Perhaps we might have other reasons that cause insomnia. Naturally speaking we find a way to sleep easily by taking sleeping pills. When we start rely on sleeping pills in order to sleep, our health will get more harm than good.

There are many people who take sleeping pills without consulting with a doctor.  As I said just now, taking sleeping pill without the limit will cause them get addicted and unable to stop taking them. This happens if they lack of knowledge and awareness. We must aware that taking sleeping pills for a long time causes many problems in our body.

  • Risk of cancer increases
  • Our lungs get weaker
  • Trouble in breathing
  • Sometimes our intelligence gets reduced
  • Headache, weakness occurs frequently
  • Pain in belly, trouble in digestion system, less willingness in eating.
  • Sometimes it causes inflammation in hands, legs and chest.
Addicted to sleeping pills cause health problem

Addicted to sleeping pills cause health problem

I had read a medical journal recently, a researcher says that taking sleeping pills regular reduces the life expectancy of human. Why? Sleeping pill can cause cancer, kidney stone and many other problems. With these problems, some are incurable.

I will suggest everyone not to take sleeping pills frequently. Try some other natural sleeping aid  to sleep well at night that I have discussed in my earlier article.

But if you have a severe problem, consult with a doctor and then take dose as he/she prescribed to you.

Do you take sleeping pill to aid you sleep? What dose have you taken?

Do You Recognize Meditation Can Beat Insomnia

Insomnia can cause serious health problem

Insomnia can cause serious health problem

Sleeping pills are the instant relief for lack of sleep of course. But some insomnia specialists consider sleeping pills to be over prescribed because they don’t actually address the cause of insomnia. Although, there are short term insomnia that can be addressed by sleeping pills.

There are however alternative self help methods that help cure insomnia. So, if you or a friend is suffering from sleepless nights, below are some of the tips to have a good nights’ sleep, naturally.

Try putting stress to sleep. Stress is a major factor for insomnia that hit you. Though it’s everywhere, just try to manage it by the technique called relaxation response. Find a quiet place where you could lie or sit comfortably.

Focus your attention to each body part while breathing normally. Feel the relaxation spreading from your feet, thighs, stomach, chest, hands, neck, shoulder and head. As you do this, there might be a feeling of warmth inside you. Take a few moments to concentrate on how each body part is relaxed.

Tips to beat Insomnia

Other tips to beat Insomnia

Before bedtime, it is also recommended to take a high-carbohydrate snack such as bread, or crackers to increase the brain chemical promoting sleep called serotonin.

Did you also know that sunlight has a major effect in regulating melatonin, a brain chemical that controls body temperature?

Too little exposure to sunlight can cause insomnia since normal rhythms in body temperature can create normal sleep. If there is difficulty falling asleep, an early morning sun is all you need.

Open the drapes upon awakening and avoid dark sunglasses in the morning. But if you wake up early in the morning, you need more of the late day sunlight.

Take a late afternoon walk or sit near a sun exposed window an hour before sunset and leave the drapes open until dark.

Interesting huh? So, before you pop up those potentially addictive sleeping pills to help you doze off, try the natural remedies first.

Let me know if these method works for you or not. Share your experience with my readers. Read more articles from my website Natural Health Care Reviews

Here Are Gentle Ways to Ease Pregnancy Complaints

Pregnancy complaints

Pregnancy complaints

Please don’t mix up pregnancy problems and pregnancy complaints. They are far from being the same and the only thing common to them is that they happen during pregnancy.

Pregnancy problems will not be discussed here as they are major problems that must be dealt by a physician and must be addressed real quick in order to prevent further pregnancy complications. These are disorders that pose a danger to the mother and to the baby like diabetes and hypertension.

For pregnancy complaints, like nausea, backache, cramps, rashs and insomnia, there are available self help solutions that are proven to be scientifically effective.

Almost all pregnant women experience nausea specially on their first trimester. This is because of the raging hormones that has been stirred with the formation of the new human being inside the womb. For a quick relief, try ginger tea to warm the digestive tract and improving sluggish digestion.

How you manage Pregnancy Complaints

How you manage Pregnancy Complaints

There are already available ginger powder at supermarket stalls. Better use the sugar free type. Dandelion has also been found to relieve morning sickness. It sweetens the sour feeling, calms and soothes the stomach. You may steep dried dandelion root in a quart of boiling water for 4 hours and drink it like tea.

For heartburn, almonds can come in handy. You may eat at least 15 nuts for snacks in a day. There is a natural chemical in almonds that helps tone the sphincter so that acid stays in the stomach.

Insomnia happens when a pregnant woman is low in protein. They wake up in the middle of the night and can’t fall back to sleep because they are hungry. It is advised that they keep a snack handy at their bedside like a banana, almond or a fruit yogurt.

To banish back pain, there are exercises that a pregnant woman can do safely to help relieve the back muscles of the strain caused by the increasing weight of the womb. But only do this is you are not on the high risk category of your pregnancy. To elongate the lower back, try the pelvic tilt.

To do this, get down on your hands and knees and round your back while holding your abdominal muscles. Continue to breathe while holding this position for a count of ten. Release by flattening your back. You can continue doing this even after delivery since backaches can last long even after delivery.

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The Importance of having Good Sleep

Why is good sleep important?

good sleep

Having a good sleep can save from diabetes

Adequate and good sleep is the basic pre-requisite of having a healthy body and a mind.  A proper sleep-wake cycle is necessary to maintain a proper level of alertness of brain. A good sleep ensures the growth of both body and mind. It is when consolidation of memories takes place and expenditure of energy is minimized.

While have a good sleep, human brain releases several “growth factors” and “growth hormones”. These growth factors promote the development of our body systems. Sleep helps our brain think clearly.

Drowsiness impairs the learning process. If you don’t have adequate good sleep, your mind can not think out of any problem. All the problem solving, decision taking skills of a person are greatly affected in the absence of  good sleep.

Sleep maximizes the learning potential of our brain and help all the information get stored in storage bins of our brain.

Sleep helps conserve energy. When you enjoy good sleep all the metabolic processes of our body slows down. Expenditure of energy reduces and it helps all the body systems renew their potential. In fact, here are a few tips for you to have a good sleep naturally

Causes of Sleep Deprivation

The basic causes of sleep deprivation include the following:

poor sleep

One of poor sleep symptom is yawning

  • Insufficient quantity of sleep: The average hours of sleep you need are 7-8 hours for adults and 8-9 hours for teenagers.If you sleep less than these recommended hours then you will experience all the side effects of not having good sleep. You might think that you have adopted to have less sleep but in reality your body is withering due to the excessive side effects of inadequate sleep hours.
  • Poor quality of sleep: The quality of sleep is important too. Human body works according to particular “circadian rhythms”. These rhythms are designed to induce sleep early at night and make you wake up early in the day. But if you ignore your body’s urge of going to bed and stay up late at night and get up late in the morning, all these rhythms are disturbed and start to remain drowsy and lethargic all the times. Similarly, emptying your mind of all tensions and stress is very important to have a good sleep. You must avoid alcohol consumption before going to bed.
  • Abnormal need for sleep: Due to some personal variations, some people need more hours of sleep then the others. It might be due to growing up or some disease. In such cases you must consult a doctor.

Consequences of  sleep deprivation.

The consequences of inadequate sleep are as follows:

  • Not having good sleep increases the chances of several complications like heart failure, heart burn, stroke, high blood pressure and diabetes.
  • Inadequate sleep causes decreased enthusiasm and all the urges including the drive for sex is considerably decreased.
  • The sharpness of mind is lost. Person becomes dull, loss concentration, communications skills are demented, cognitive skills are decreased and learning is seriously impaired.
  •  Lack of good sleep effects brain health and increases stress and anxiety.
  • Sleeplessness increases forgetfulness. Such person easily forgets important tasks and things.
  • The skin tone and freshness of skin is lost. The skin starts to age in the presence of inadequate sleep.
  • The metabolism of body is reduced and dependence on food is increased. It causes obesity and increased chances of stroke and heart attack.
  • Experiments on mice proved that if mice were not allowed to sleep for more than two weeks, they exhausted to death.

    sleep deprivation

    Effect of sleep deprivation at a glance

How to have good sleep?

Following are the DO’s for having good sleep or insomnia treatment:

  • Consume less caffeine and alcohol.
  • Drink fewer fluids before going to bed.
  • Don’t consume heavy meals at least an hour before going to bed.
  • Avoid cigarette smoking.
  • Exercise regularly.
  • Adopt a healthy, peaceful routine. Fix a go to bed and wake up time.
  • Try relaxing yourself before going to bed. Take hot bath for this purpose.
  • If the condition worsens, consult the doctor and follow the prescribed medication.

If you know how to have better sleep or you have better insomnia treatment, share your thought here at Natural Health Care Reviews.


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