Here are Useful Home Tips for Sprained Ankle and Wrist

Angle sprain

Angle sprain

Painful experienced of a sprained ankles and wrist and nobody likes it. It is a wrenching of a joint, thus producing a stretching of the ligaments and even in most severe cases, there is the presence of a laceration in the area.

Most people who are affected by this health problem are the working  and sporty people. However, there also cases that the sprain is due to accidents and fall.

Natural methods are also available and proven helpful to sprains.

Water Treatment:

  • Application of ice packs to the affected area three times a day. Apply it immediately after the sprain.
  • Apply cold compress for thirty minutes three times a day.
  • After having the compress, tie¬† or wrap it with an elastic bandage to avoid the pressure and unnecessary movement that will aggravate the sprain.
  • You can apply Aloe Vera leaves and pound it and directly apply as poultice for 30 minutes, three times a day or as necessary and wrap it with the bandage.
  • Take a rest for a few days but, you can move it slowly for a normal blood circulation to the affected area for fast healing.
  • You can also apply Life plant, 10 leaves as a poultice to the area as soothing effect to the sprain.

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