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3 Natural Ingredients To Treating Discolored Nails

Discolored and yellow nails can be caused by a lot of factors. It can either be hereditary or due to exposure to chemicals and other unfavorable conditions.

Discolor nails

Discolor nails

Some of the most common causes include using too much nail products like nail polish and nail polish removers, bacterial infection, malnutrition, nail fungus and even smoking. Whatever the cause is, you can help improve the condition and color of your nails by trying these simple home remedies for discolored nails.

  • Lemon

You can slice up a lemon and rub the cut pieces onto your nails. You can also extract the juice and use a piece of cotton or a piece of cloth to apply it to your nails. Another option would be to soak your fingers or toes in the lemon juice. Doing any of these options will help remove the nail stain and discoloration.

  • Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is great for removing stains and discoloration in your nails. The only drawback with using tea tree oil is that it might take quite a bit of time before you can actually see significant results. Simply apply two drops of tea tree oil onto the discolored nails twice a day to help remove discoloration.

  • Onions

Simply apply onion peels onto the discolored nails by rubbing. You can do this as often as you like. Onions are known to help whiten nails and can also hinder fungal and bacterial growth in your nails. Just make sure to thoroughly wash your nails after applying the onion peels.

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Little Known Way of Homemade Cough Remedies

Having cough can be disruptive most especially if it starts interfering with your daily activities. It may even lead to other health conditions. Due to frequent coughing, you may irritate your throat causing inflammation.

Cough remedies

Cough remedies

A sore throat in turn, can pave way to high fever. Before your cough can progress into other health conditions, it is very important to put an end to it. One of the ways to do so is to adopt these tried and tested homemade cough remedies.

Make use of lemon by making a cup of warm lemonade to cure a cough. Lemon is very good in loosening up phlegm and clearing it up. Just add 2 tablespoons of lemon juice to a cup of warm water.

You may also add honey or other sweeteners to make the taste more acceptable. Another way you can make use of lemon is to make a lemon gargle by combining 2 tablespoons of lemon juice and 1/4 cup of water.

You can make your very own homemade cough syrup by combining a bulb of red onion and raw honey. You can also use brown sugar as an alternative for raw honey if it is not available.

Homemade Cough remedies

Homemade Cough remedies

Slice the raw red onion and arrange them in a bowl alternating between raw onion and raw honey. Let it sit overnight and in the morning, collect a spoon or two of the sweet syrup in the bowl. You can now enjoy your tasty homemade cough syrup.

Make fresh thyme tea by combining 2 tablespoons of fresh thyme or 1 tablespoon if dried and a cup of hot water. Let seep for around 5 minutes and strain out the thyme. You may add sweetener if you like.

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3 Easy Ways of Natural Acne Treatment

Natural acne treatment

Natural acne treatment

Having acne can be very inconvenient – not to mention a big dab at your self confidence. It is then a big relief that the skin industry has done loads of research in trying to address this seemingly non-teenager-exclusive skin problem.

Nowadays, lots of skin products commercially available are developed specifically for acne problems. These skin products come in different forms – including spot on treatments, facial washes, facial scrubs, creams and gels.

Although the skin industry has made it quite possible for people nowadays to get rid of acne, going natural acne treatment is still the most preferred option. Here are three home remedies for acne that have been tested and proven!

  • Toothpaste

Toothpaste is one of the oldest and most classic home remedy for acne. It is used as a spot on remedy. Apply plain (avoid whitening, tartar control, etc.) toothpaste to your pimple. Do not apply on areas of the skin without pimples as it can cause dryness, itching and a burning sensation. Always remember that toothpaste contains an active ingredient which is sulfur.

  • Garlic

Garlic, like toothpaste, also contains sulfur and is also an effective treatment for acne. However, unlike toothpaste, garlic is not for external application but should be ingested. The main drawback of this home remedy is that eating raw garlic is not a very pleasant experience.

  • Lemon Juice

Fresh lemon juice applied to acne works best as it dries it out and helps it fade quickly. It also has bleaching effects, making your skin tone lighter than before. You can also drink fresh lemon juice if you find applying it onto your skin quite risky. External application of fresh lemon juice can initially make your skin feel itchy and you’ll also experience a burning sensation.

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How I relieve hand joint pain problem? Read This Now!

Everyone must have experienced some kind of hand joint pain during some part of his life. Hands being the most repeatedly used part of human body are more prone to harmful effects of wear and tear.

During hand joint pain caused by some disease or normal aging process your hand loses its normal appearance, becomes red, hot and painful upon touching. Swelling maybe seen and all the movements become very painful.


Are you suffering from hand joint pain?

Are you suffering from hand joint pain?

Causes of hand joint pain.

Following are the basic causes of hand joint pain:

Repetitive motion syndrome: If you use your hand and fingers repeatedly, like draining water out of clothes, the characteristic signs develop such as pain, tenderness and difficult movements.

Carpel tunnel syndrome: This is due to the compression of “median nerve” in the wrist causing tingling, tenderness and pain in joint. Carpel tunnel syndrome usually develops due to excessive fluid accumulation.

Diabetes: Diabetes causes decreased blood supply to the extremities of human body. The joints become very painful and swollen.

Osteoarthritis: In osteoarthritis the cartilage, the cushions the movement between too bones and reduces friction, is obliterated. During movement the bones rub against each other and cause pain.

Rheumatoid arthritis: It develops due to excessive deposit of uric acid crystals in soft tissues and joint. The joints become very painful and swollen.

Lupus erythematosus:  It is an auto-immune disorder. Antibodies are developed against the tissues of human body, especially joint. The joint start to degrade and become painful.

Pregnancy: Pregnancy is also followed by redness, tingling sensations and hand joint pain.


Hand joint pain

Hand joint pain


The treatment of hand joint pain includes:

  • Anti-inflammatory medicines: If the hand joint pain is secondary to some inflammatory response like osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis then usually anti-inflammatory medicines are suggested.
  • Immobilization of hand: The pain is usually worsened by repeated and excessive usage of hand. If hand is immobilized by the use of bandages then it promotes the normal healing process and prevents the further damage of joint.
  • Applying pressure to painful areas: Usage of elastic bandages that could cause pressure over the painful area usually relieves the hand joint pain.
  • Replacement surgery: If the pain is not relieved by any conventional method then joint replacement surgery is done.

You may be asking, is there any natural remedy for relieving joint pain. The answer for this question is YES.

I have done some  research that, apparently people talks about a natural product – Xocai. It is a dark healthy chocolate claims that by consuming every day can literally help to relief arching joints. I personally have not tried this product but people claims to be effective for them.

Another natural products that can help to relief joint pain is RTPR – Real Time Pain Relief. Basically it is  is a topical homeopathic lotion. I first tried this  product six months ago  to relief my right hand wrist joint pain.

To be honest to you, this product does really help me relieve my wrist pain once I applied it on my wrist. Compared to other similar products, my recommendation is RTPR.

According to the manufacturer , it contains more than twelve natural ingredients and have a wonderful aroma.

No matter how you are going to treat your joint pain problem, always ask for second option or check if there are any safer ways to solve your problem. Home remedies, however, are the most safest method because most likely there are natural.

There are about many methods that you can do it at home.

Warm water – With running hot water on the affected area as long as you can stand the temperature of the water for several minutes.  After that immediately apply cold water was ice pack on the area. By doing so can relatively help to  joint pain treatment.

Lemon and Carrot – You can get some lemon and carrot and mix them together. Apply it on the joint pain area.

Olive oil – Perhaps not everyone knows that olive oil can help to alleviate joint pain. What you can do is, simply rub and massage on the affected area. This is one of the most cost effectively way to relief joint pain.

Please stay tuned till next week, I will talk  for more about home remedies of relieving join pain.


hand wrist

Hand Wrist

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