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Here Are Quick Organic Remedies for your Dental Problems


Regular dental checkup is important to maintain dental health

Dental problem is one of the most common health problem regardless men or women, old or young. Most of the dental issues are due to poor health system, poor personal hygiene or even genetics in nature.

Some simple dental problems were left unattended because of low economic status. I mean, people cannot afford dental insurance and fail to visit dentist regularly.

Nevertheless, there are natural remedies that are proven helpful in treating dental issues and even prevention for complications.

Toothache is the most common symptoms if you are suffering from dental problems. Some maybe simple or slight pain and some are severe pain.

But, there are water treatment that can relieve pain and swollen face. Just simply apply ice packs or cold compress on the affected area, gums and even in your cheeks for 20-30 minutes. This method is just for temporary relief of the pain.

However, there are herbal medications or organic remedy for your dental problems as well:

  1. If it is a tooth decay, start brushing your teeth thoroughly after meals and simply massage your gums afterwards.
  2. Slice a small piece of garlic and place it inside the cavity and use it as filling. You can change the filling twice a day, if possible.
  3. guava leaves also effective as organic remedy for toothache. Just pound fresh leaves and extract the juice and place it in a piece of cotton and place it inside the cavity as filling.

All these remedies are for temporary relief of pain. You should seek dentist assistance for your tooth decay problem. Periodically dental checkup and brushing your teeth regularly is the best prevention from further dental problem.

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How to prevent constipation in men?

bowel movements

Eat fiber enriched food can help to prevent constipation

What is constipation? It is a disorder characterized by difficulty in waste disposal due to low body metabolism and less fluid absorption in the body. There are natural remedies to prevent constipation, such as:

  • Regular exercise for people who most experienced constipation.
  • Healthy and fibrous diet is needed or fruit diet is suggested.
  • Some fruits that are rich in fiber are suggested that are easy to buy in the market such as,  papaya, mango, and oranges. These are common fruits that are visible in the market.
  • Green leafy vegetables is a healthy diet that will lessen constipation and promotes soft stool.
  • Sporty men can seldom experience constipation due to normal blood circulation and easy absorption and metabolism in the body.
  • Drink plenty of water every day for your liquid needs. Drink two glasses of water upon waking up in the morning and one glass at bed time.
  • Hot sits’ bath is recommended to facilitate easy waste disposal or you may manually give the enema. By doing so, the manual extraction of bowel is impacted.
  • Regular time to sit down in the toilet bowl and just relax there even though  you do not feel like there is bowel movement.

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What we do not know about drug free ways to ease depression

Dr. Oz

Dr. Oz

Even Dr. Oz acknowledges the use of natural remedies to combat that low down feeling called depression. For most people suffering from the condition, it’s not a simple feeling of unhappiness for a short period of time. It is a continuous feeling of sadness everyday for a period of at least a month and most of the time, longer.

Though it may sound unusual, most mental problems may also be solved with natural remedies. Most people, even the famous Dr Oz would recommend natural remedies instead of anti depressant drugs. Some experts would recommend a change in lifestyle.

In particular the food intakes and levels of exercise or developing a hobby that you love. But for most under the severely depressed, it is recommended that they see a  doctor to properly treat them.

Did you know that eating large amount of omega 3 rich fish have one tenth the rate of depression as people who don’t? The reason is probably the two forms of complicated sounding acids, eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA).

These are actually fatty acids or technically the omega 3 fatty acids that are present in fish. It is recommended that Omega 3 be taken at least 10 grams a day of DHA and EPA (30 fish oil capsules) daily, to be taken in divided doses.

Another natural way to beat depression is the herb called St Johns Wort. It is actually gaining a lot of popularity. This potent herb acts like the famous anti depressant Prozac. It must be taken in 3 doses, usually in tablet or capsules. Don’t expect instant results though.

It can take weeks before it reaches its full anti depressant potential but after taking it within a week, it has been observed that people suffering from depression has improved sleeping patterns, followed by improvements in appetite, energy levels and physical well-being.

How about the ancient Chinese remedy, the magnet therapy. When looking for alternative ways to beat the lowdown, people came across the practice of using magnets to reverse depression.   It has been said that when you put one magnet on a specific part of your hand and toes, it helps calm the mind and settle the spirit.

There a number of ways to reverse that feeling of unhappiness. Its most important though that you feel grateful of your life and always look on the positive side.

Dr. Oz also recommends to use African Mango extract for weight loss. You can read more at my blog.

How to cure sore throat naturally

Rinsing your throat with saline water may help relief sore throat

Rinsing your throat with saline water may help relief sore throat

Everybody in their lifetime has once in a while suffered from the painful sore in the throat. This sometimes happens when we have cough and colds and there are times that our throats get irritated when we have too much sweets intake.

More commonly, our tonsils get inflamed when we have sore throats. In my early childhood, we were thought to gargle warm water with a pinch of salt every morning before eating or drinking anything.

Salt has been known to alleviate inflammation and with this simple procedure, sure enough, sore throat has slowly diminished. This is for the usual and simple cases when there is no underlying cause.

Oftentimes, when I know that I would soon have sore throat, I avoid drinking cold beverage and avoid eating spicy and sweet foods. Another natural way is to swallow a piece of ginger like a candy.

Ginger has a lot of healing properties that has been known to soothe pain and decrease inflammation. This does not suit me. I would rather drink a cup of hot ginger ale.

This is a powder form of ginger that is available in supermarkets. Serve a teaspoon or two in a cup of hot water and drink like tea. Often times, there is no need to add sugar.

There are a lot of natural remedies out there that will help cure the simple sore throat. But if you notice that despite these natural techniques, your sore throat keeps coming back, better consult a physician.

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