A Little Tip to Know Type of Skin You Have

What skin type you have?

What skin type you have?

Some people don’t know how to treat their own skin. They read many kinds of tips and articles on skin care and start to try those. They never try to know whether these treatments are good for their skin or not.

Because of this reason, many people suffer from skin problems and don’t even know it due to their unfamiliarity. Let’s take a very simple test to find out what kind of skin we have.

Before you go to sleep at night, make sure you clean your face with proper skin cleaning solution. By the time you wake up in morning, take a tissue paper. Press the tissue paper on your face. Remember, don’t rub it.

Observe what is on the tissue paper.

  • If there is a little bit oil or nothing in the tissue then your skin is dry skin.
  • If the tissue absorbs a little more oil than previous one, then you have a normal skin.
  • If the tissue absorbs much more oil or you see some sort of oil stain, be sure that you have oily skin.
  • And the last one, if your skin is allergic to many skin care products, then you may have a very sensitive skin.

My suggestion is, don’t try something whatever you get in magazines or from different articles. Read everything and try to evaluate them if your skin likes.

Hopefully you like this little tip of today. I welcome you to share your thought with my readers. I have many other articles written previously, feel free to explore them at Natural Health Care Reviews.



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