Do you recognize papaya leaves remove bad odor in the armpit



One of the most disgusting odor is in the armpit especially in men. Men who are used to sports and heavy works are prone to excessive sweat and bad odor.

The market nowadays are promoting beauty products that are chemically produced but sometimes can aggravate the problem especially problems on bad odor.

But, there are natural remedies and are organic in nature that has proven to be effective in minimizing the odor in your body.

You can count on Potassium Sulfate and using it for deodorant. Its effect is to dry your skin in your armpit and lessen the bacteria in staying in your armpit.

Wash your armpit as often as you can. Avoid using heavy perfume that can cause other odors in your body. This will also promote whitening of the armpit.

You can also use papaya leaves, this is very organic in nature by pounding the leaves and rub it in the area where there is a foul odor.

You can apply this every time you will take a bath and at the same time this is a skin whitening. Commercial deodorant often darkens your armpit. So, better not to use any beauty product when applying this natural remedy.

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