How to take care of Gangrene Foot?


Gangrene foot

Gangrene foot usually caused by diabetes

Gangrene foot is one of the major problem with people having diabetes illnesses due poor blood flow in the lower extremities. However, this problem can be prevented with just simple and little known ways in caring your feet.

Advanced diabetes illness can be prevented in most of the major cases by educating the patient and the families involved.

They must undergo a continuing education regarding diabetes disease, on how to take care of the patient, familiar with the signs and symptoms, prevention of severe, awareness of the food or the diet of the patient that can provoke the disease to become severe.

Assess the patient or what kind or type of diabetes he has for proper care and action. Simple caring of the foot will be taught and demonstrated for proper application.

General check up for the patient is a must to know some occurring imbalances or any problem in the system that can aggravate the disease. There are natural ways that are applied mostly in the rural areas, that are proven effective in the progress of the disease.

Frequent drinking of water that will eliminate toxic waste in the body, daily exercise is also a must for people with diabetes. Avoid eating too much sweets that can aggravate the disease, and proper diet, as well.

Let your physician ad dietitian assess for your proper care and food dietary allowance needed.

I have written an article on how to beat diabetes naturally previously. I urge you to read it.

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How to beat diabetes naturally part 2

Blood sugar control can be effective if you take foods with high fiber content. This includes whole grains like wheat, rice and beans. High fiber foods take a long time to be digested and therefore prevent surges in the blood. In fact they keep the blood sugar level steady. Diabetic people should switch to 100 percent whole grain.

beans can help diabetes patients

Diabetes patient should consume more beans and nuts

Use of mini meals is also a blood sugar control tactic. About 4 to 6 small meals a day stabilizes the blood sugar level. Small foods are easily digested and therefore no much accumulation of fat in the blood.

For how to beat diabetes, certain herbs are highly are recommended. They include; salacia oblonga mostly found in India.It normalizes sugar and insulin level, cinnamon is another very important herb with a wonderful tasting spice which balances cholesterol level .

The cinnamon extract also improves glucose level in people with diabetes. It is advisable for a diabetic person to use it thrice per day.

For diabetic people who like tea it is good that they use Dragon herbs spring dragon longevity tea. This type of tea is caffeine free and has gynostema which maintains weight and reduce fat.

Before using any food stuff you should read the food labels to inquire whether they contain the right kind of sweeteners. There are some sweeteners that don’t increase glucose level in the blood. A good example is the sweet leaf chocolate liquid stevia.

Almonds are a good friend to blood sugar control this is because they are smooth and juicy therefore helps in sugar stability.

Increasing the amount of drinking water also helps in blood sugar control. It avoids chronic dehydration and it is the carrier of insulin and glucose.

It is awesome to learn that we can curb high blood sugar levels and bring them to optimum levels for healthier living.

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How to beat diabetes naturally part 1

Your health is important to you and that is why you may feel as if having diabetes is a death sentence.

To keep you on track here is information packed article for you. Arm yourself with the information you need to stay healthy and curb diabetes.

Diabetes is a common disease

Diabetes is a common disease

When you eat food, it is broken down to glucose for energy. In the meantime the pancreas emits insulin in response to the glucose.  Insulin is needed by the cells. However, if there is excess fat in the blood, the body is likely to resist using the insulin.The glucose therefore stays in the blood and the pancreas secretes more insulin causing high blood sugar level.

You may have taken medications to control your blood sugar level but nothing changes. Find out new natural methods from next article which will help you to control blood sugar level.

One of the natural ways to control blood sugar level is exercise which involves both aerobic and weight training. A 30 minutes exercise daily keeps the heart rate at a moderate intensity.

The good thing with exercise is that it makes the muscles to pull sugar from the blood. The improvement in blood sugar level occurs during and after the exercise. If you want to beat diabetes engage yourself in activities like; dancing, walking and swimming just to mention a few.

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