Natural Ways To Gently Remedies for Diarrhea



Well, short episodes of the diarrhea may be good for you. It is the body’s way of releasing toxins out of your system. I personally don’t take over the counter anti diarrhea media if I have less than 5 episodes of these short and sometimes quite painful trips to the bathroom.

When ever I have diarrhea, I make sure I take a lot of water to avoid dehydration. Otherwise, I just allow myself to suffer a little bit and observe. If it’s more than 3 in a day, then I will visit to the pharmacy. There are, however natural and alternative remedies for diarrhea.

The herb slippery elm is believed to help soothe the inflammation of the lining of the colon during diarrhea. There are available capsules from health store and the best way to take it is to open two capsules and mix the powder with water to form a gel like paste. Take a tablespoon of the paste a day.

We all know that our colon is filled up with good bacteria right? So, in order for our body to naturally counter off the bacteria that it is trying to get rid off, get a dose of the good stuff from probiotics.

Activated charcoal has also been found to be effective in removing the toxins out of your system. Make sure to read the label when you buy charcoal supplements as too much intake of this may cause stomach upset, diarrhea, constipation or vomiting.

Again, before you pop up the medicines for diarrhea, allow the toxins first to be released by at least a visit or two in the bathroom a day. Otherwise, toxins might be locked up inside.

What remedies will you use if you have diarrhea? I would like to hear. Don’t forget to explorer more articles from my website Natural Health Care Reviews

You want Weight Loss: Do Not Skip Breakfast

Eating Breakfast is important. Do not skip it

Eating Breakfast is important. Do not skip it

Breakfast means breaking the fast after 8 hours sleep in morning. In this modern era, busy people do not pay attention to emphasize on breakfast. Someone want to control diet by skipping breakfast by simply take brunch!  Yes, there is also some wrong idea about breakfast.

Today I’m going to share some information about breakfast. Do not skip breakfast.

Some myths about breakfast:

  • Skipping breakfast reduces weight fast.
  • Breakfast is not so important in our life.
  • Breakfast makes the whole day tiring.
  • Healthy breakfast requires high protein, low carbohydrate.
  • Having breakfast regularly makes kids inattentive in class and makes bulky.

Why breakfast is important:

When our stomach remains without food for a long time, a hormone named Cortisol will be produced from our body. This hormone works to store foods directly in fat cells. So calorie does not get  burn but gets stored instead. In this case, those people who skips breakfast can get more bulky then the others.

If you skip breakfast, you will be caught by excessive hunger at lunch time. Then you will not be able to maintain portion weight.

What is Proper Healthy Breakfast Ideas:

  • Breakfast should be nutritiously balanced.
  • Balanced breakfast contains carbohydrate, protein, fiber and a little fat.
  • Select the right source of carbohydrate like red flour, oat meal, corn flex.
  • Keep egg in your menu (2 days in a week with yolk and other days without yolk).
  • Keep any one seasonal fruit in your diet.
  • Skimmed or low fat milk and sometimes salad.

Whenever possible, do not skip your breakfast. Even doggie eats breakfast too. Be happy and live healthier. What about you? do you take breakfast every single day? Do not forget to read my useful articles from my blog site.

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