Here is Little Known Ways to Have A Clout Gout


What is gout?

Can you imagine some liquid inside your body which turned into glass and suddenly shattered? Sounds deadly right? That’s what’s happening when you have gouty arthritis. The normal uric acid, a by product of protein metabolism will change from liquid into tiny crystals.

And since these are crystals, they are spiked and they are sharp which makes gouty arthritis as the most painful arthritis in the world. If you have it, then you must know the pain. Good news is there are ways to help blow the gout away without the drugs.

For almost all of the diseases, alternative medicine will advise us to drink enough water. In the case of gout, it’s a little more than 8 glasses a day since you need to flush out those shattered crystals right? So, you must tolerate drinking a gallon a day. And after a year, you can reduce it a little. Water is by far the most important remedy for gout cleansing.

Gout on toe

Gout on toe

Want to live a bowl of cherries? Yes, if you have gout then cherries will be great for you. Its component called anthocyanocides is very effective in lowering the uric acid level of the body. Avoid store bought cherry juice as pasteurrization will remove the anthocyanocides.

High purine foods are also a must to avoid. These are your favorite sardines, mackerel, organ meats such as liver, kidney and some vegetables like asparagus, mushrooms and all types of beans.

Another interesting alternative remedy that I found is apple cider vinegar. I have heard a lot about this wonder vinegar and I just recently read that it’s also good for gout. A tablespoon a day is apparently very effective in preventing those painful gout attacks.

Lastly, DO NOT consume alcohol as this will contribute to uric acid build up because of the ethyl alcohol content.

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Find Out How You Can Ward Off Kidney Stones Naturally

If you had experiences an excruciating painful experience with a kidney stone, you will be hopefully convinced that seeing a doctor should have been done earlier. Imagine some crystals formed in your kidney that will pass to your delicate and thin urethra.

kidney stones

What is kidney stones?

It would feel like you are being pricked or even stabbed a million times from the inside while passing out urine. These stones are composed of ether calcium oxalate crystals or uric acid crystals. And each would need a different type of treatment.

From the point of view of alternative medicine, people with calcium stones must lie low on high fat and go high on  high fiber diet. Also, it’s important to note that certain leafy green vegetables like spinach, beet green are high in oxalates. Just avoid them.

The eternal advice of drinking 8 glasses of water or more in a day is the perennial advice also on this kind of ailment. For anti stone supplementation, it is advised that one increase his calcium intake. Surprising?

Calcium will bind with oxalate thus preventing the stones from forming. Magnesium and Vitamin D are also recommended to aid in the absorption of calcium and magnesium can help block the stone formation.

kidney stone

kidney stones in various of size

Exercise is also the way to go for calcium to be absorbed in the bones and not to be deposited in the kidney. Take a brisk walk for at least 20 to 30 minutes a coupe of times a week.

Just remember to avoid dehydration as this is a major risk factor for developing kidney stones.

For uric acid formers, it’s important to balance the pH or the chemistry of your urine. It is advised to keep it alkaline as much as possible. Limit intake of purines.

Drink more grapefruit, orange, tomato juice at least 3 glasses a day. Avoid anchovies, sardines, meat extracts, liver and fried foods.

Drink more than the usual water recommendation per day to help pass out these purine rich foods.

And if you have that painful urine passing, try to take a capsule of cornsilk as this will help reduce the friction. They are available in capsules, tea bags or liquid forms.

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