What You Should Know About Cleansing Herbs for Treatment of Phlebitis

deep vein

Deep Vein

If you do not what what is Phlebitis. It  means inflammation of the veins and comes in two types, superficial and deep. The deep vein phlebitis or  medically known as thrombophlebitis is a medical emergency and must be taken cared for by a medical doctor.

The danger of this type will come from the fact that the thrombus or the clot might be dislodged and might travel as an emboli and may lodged somewhere dangerous like the brain or any organ with some smaller arteries causing  a depletion of the blood flow system of that particular organ.

Doctors will prescribed some clot-dissolving medications for this. For the superficial vein inflammation or what we call as varicose veins, you should still see a doctor and they might tell you to elevate your leg, apply moist heat and take painkillers.

But how do we prevent another batch of superficial phlebitis to appear? Well, interestingly, we will start from a specific organ in your abdomen, which is the liver. What’s the connection?

You see, the weakness in the veins causing the inflammation is a sign that the liver is not functioning properly. The veins are the pathways of the blood that must go back to the heart then to the lungs where carbon dioxide is dumped and oxygen is collected back.


Symptom of Superficial Phlebitis

The blood stops to the liver where it is cleared of the toxins, BUT if the liver is now unhealthy and already clogged up with fats and pollutant, the blood will not flow easily therefore there is a backflow that dilates the veins causing weakness on the lining of the veins. Eventually the veins will inflame. It makes sense that we cleanse our liver huh? How to do it? There are a number of ways.

Some liver cleansing vegetables like carrots and radish will increase bile flow thus help in the liver cleansing. How about the herb gotu kola? This herb helps restore normal elasticity of the veins making them stronger for the strong blood flow current.

And to prevent clot, it’s time to maintain your Vitamin E supplements. This vitamin strengthens the veins in the legs and thins the blood preventing blood clots that may pose as a danger when dislodged, Massage is also recommended but make sure you don’t have the deep vein phlebitis since it is dangerous.

A good leg massage is only recommended for those who have phlebitis of the superficial type to help push the pooled blood out of the lower legs back into circulation.

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